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State controlled media has been selectively branding aspiring MPs as ritual killers to protect royalty.

Wednesday, 4th August, 2021

 Senator Isaac Magagula, the then National Commissioner of Police once made a public announcement confirming that over one hundred and eighty(180) citizens were murdered within twelve months and the State controlled media would systematically manipulate our minds into believing that it was  aspiring MPs who were behind the ritual killings.

But National Commissioner Isaac Magagula, as he then was, never mentioned why police were failing to arrest the suspects, instead, he would send a battalion of police officers to torture some of us and fabricate criminal charges merely for questioning the injustices perpetrated by the police against the people as per a royal order.

Firstly, it should be noted that in the past fifteen(15) years no Member of Parliament(MP) was arrested and charged for killing citizens for alleged ritual purposes. 

This means the sentiments by the police and the local newspapers were systematically designed to manipulate the minds of the Swazis into believing that aspiring MPs are murderers when in fact the main suspect here is King Mswati who uses soldiers and the police to go around the country harvesting human parts to perform his rituals at Ludzidzini Royal Palace. I am not defending MPs or anyone  but merely questioning why we don’t have a single Legislator behind bars if it’s true that they are ritual killers, it’s clear here that the person who has been killing the people all these years is above the law and cannot be arrested.

It was enigmatic that a woman from Nyanyali whose child went missing during Incwala ritual ceremony was subsequently tortured and arrested merely for demanding her child. A battalion of police officers were deployed at Nyanyali to assault residents who were demanding justice for the missing child, some were tortured.

Now, the shooting of innocent citizens at Mashibhini, Lobamba by Mswati’s security forces to collect blood for ritual purposes as reported by this publication suggests that the media has been misleading the Nation for all these years branding aspiring MPs as ritual killers just to protect one man.

I once mentioned in one of my articles that once the country attains democracy, people like Isaac Magagula must account for the lives of the people who were murdered for ritual purposes, that Senator is carrying critical information regarding the killings of the citizens by royalty. 

But the good thing now is that some officers are sharing more information to the independent media on how some of these people were killed and where their bodies were dumped to destroy evidence. It is clear now that after the killing of over 30 women by one David Simelane, the killers changed strategies and the media was captured to attribute all ritual killings to aspiring MPs just to protect the main suspect who ruling this country with an iron fist and needs human blood to hold on to power.

Let me state clearly, that it is a defamation of character to implicate MPs in ritual killings without any evidence, I am identifying Mswati as the main suspect because I have evidence to substantiate that even if he can take me to court. Indeed, if Mswati disputes that he is the alleged ritual killer, he must print this article and hand it over to his lawyers.

It is very unfortunate that the captured media promoted the killings by hiding such critical information all these years, if the people were provided with such information suggesting that our country is ruled by an alleged ritual killer, they would have long taken a decision to remove Mswati from power.

King Mswati’s children are  always escorted while other soldiers and the police are going around the country grabbing and killing Swazis including innocent children to harvest their body parts. It’s clear that in the eyes of the King, the lives of the ordinary people are not important, he can just kill them with impunity.

I know King Mswati always reads my articles such that he even tried to blast me in parables during Sibaya, as mentioned, he must just file a fresh court application and challenge me on these allegations so that I can prove that he is a ritual killer who deserves to be removed from the Throne as a matter of urgency.

The citizens of this country are not safe as long as Mswati continues to hold on to power, the main problem here is that the police who are expected to protect the people are used to kill the people.

But in conclusion and in light of the aforementioned, it is of paramount importance  to highlight that we need a government that will restore and uphold the rule of law. We can’t a have a human being placing himself above the law, killing and harvesting human body parts with impunity as if the people are animals in his farm. 

Now I understand why this regime has been hostile to the independent media, there are many skeletons in the closet and they don’t want the people to know the truth.

 State controlled media has been selectively branding aspiring MPs as ritual killers to protect royalty.
King Mswati(inte pic)