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Police investigators spent an hour at Oshoek Immigration offices, fail to trace resigned officer.

Sunday, 15th August, 2021

OSHOEK: Police under the Criminal Investigation Department(CID) spent about an hour at the Oshoek border Immigration offices on Sunday trying to trace resigned police officer Sergeant Cebile ‘Cece’ Shongwe. 

Malkerns Desk Officer Assistant Inspector Umbutfo Ndleleni Bongani Gamedze and another police officer from Malkerns arrived at Oshoek border at around 9:38am on Sunday to trace the  immigration records of the resigned officer, they spent close to an hour locked in a meeting with Oshoek Immigration Department's Supervisor Sibusiso Manyatsi.

Reached for comments, Immigration Supervisor Sibusiso Manyatsi declined to comment saying the matter was above his jurisdiction and referred this journalist to Chief Immigration Officer, Principal Secretary or Ministry’s Public Relations Officer(PRO).

This matter is above my jurisdiction Nkhosi, in our Ministry, we have the Chief Immigration Officer, PS, and the PRO who can respond to your questions” he said.

Questions were sent to Superintendent Phindile Vilakati, the Police Spokesperson, however, she had not responded at the time of compiling this report.

Reached for comments, Cebile Shongwe said she was aware of the operation of the police and what they were trying to achieve with this investigation.

“They announced me as a missing person so that they can pretend as if they are investigating to push their agenda. If they have the energy to investigate, they must investigate and arrest the police officer who raped my maid whose case  was sabotaged. I was with these  people and I planned to leave the country until the last day without them knowing. If they have intelligence, they ought to have known that a police officer was planning to skip the country, there is  just nothing they can investigate”, she said.

Immigration sources disclosed that the police officers failed to get the necessary information because they didn’t have the passport number of resigned officer.

As exclusively reported by this Swaziland News, Sergeant Cebile Shongwe resigned from the police service on Friday saying she was tired of working for a government that kills people.

Police investigators spent an hour at Oshoek Immigration offices, fail to trace resigned officer.
Resigned Sergeant Cebile Shongwe