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Why eSwatini remains a major threat to investors under King Mswati.

Wednesday, 18th August, 2021

King Mswati has been manipulating unsuspecting international investors to invest in eSwatini only to use his absolute power to grab their businesses with impunity.

When doing this, the King would parade the country as peaceful and politically stable but with the current political tension even Domestic Investments(DI) remains at stake because Mswati is refusing to allow democratic reforms thus placing private businesses at high risk of being burnt by angry protestors. In the midst of the current tension, he ordered soldiers to provide security to private businesses while companies of the citizens to which he collects tax remain vulnerable to be destroyed by his  political decisions.

It is worth-mentioning that investors rely on the media to understand the rule of law, the political and investment climate in that particular country before taking a decision whether to invest or not.

In this regard, King Mswati captured the media and ordered it to always portray him as a symbol of peace when the situation on the ground suggests that the over 70% of the population living below the poverty line might overthrow him anytime.

Indeed, Mswati added fuel to the political challenges allegedly, by killing citizens and within the perimeters of his shallow thinking, he believes, the situation is back to normal when in fact we might experience more chaos.

This means any investor who still believes he can pump money in this country hoping to rely on King Mswati’s dictatorship government will be wasting resources because there are possibilities of a serious political chaos that might result into a major destruction of property by the people as long as Mswati refuses to surrender power.

King Mswati recently announced that eSwatini remains open for investment and if he was intelligent enough, he ought to have known that the killing of dozens of  civilians will make international headlines for the coming years and he does not have the capability to restore the damage he has done to this country and the people.

But then, I don’t blame him, the King long disconnected himself from reality, he thinks investors are just summoned like eMabutfo to invest in eSwatini without analyzing the ease of doing business.

It is important to clarify that the political tension that was temporarily sabotaged through a barrel of a gun will explode in no time and therefore investors must be extra careful  before investing or building structures hoping to get returns in the coming years, this government has no future.

Any sane Head of State will understand that only the burning of tyres and blocking of roads is enough to scare investors because they don’t know what might follow particularly where the aggrieved individuals are the youth.

As the media we have an obligation to write articles and give the international community a true picture of what is happening in this country, it is advisable to invest in a free and democratic country where everyone submits to the law.

It is therefore, a temporary political tactic for the King to kill the people with the hope that he will continue ruling this country and attract investors, international  companies do not associate themselves with a person who is suspected of mass killings. These political threats to investors are perpetrated by Mswati’s refusal to surrender power.

 Why eSwatini remains a major threat to investors under King Mswati.
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