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Ex-Swazi TV CEO Bongani ‘Sigcokosiyancinca’ Dlamini dies of COVID-19.

Friday, 20th August, 2021

MBABANE: Bongani ‘Sigcokosiyancinca’ Dlamini, the former Swazi TV Chief Executive Officer(CEO) has died of COVID-19.

The death of the traditionalist was confirmed to this Swaziland News on Friday morning by his brother Prince Sobantu Dlamini, the former Army Commander.

“It’s true, it happened in the early morning hours of today. Ngete ngakufihla kuwe loko kubuhlungu kona kodvwa kuliciniso”, said the Prince when confirming the sad news to this publication.

Both the former Army Commander, Supreme Court Judge Majahenkhaba Dlamini and the late ex-Swazi TV CEO are sons of former Prime Minister Prince Bhekimphi.

The late popular traditionalist worked closely with the late Jim ‘Mbhokane’ Gama in broadcasting Khalamdumbadumbane Sive Tindzaba, a  radio programme that was focusing on solving problems through Swazi Law and Custom.

  Ex-Swazi TV CEO Bongani ‘Sigcokosiyancinca’ Dlamini dies of COVID-19.
The late Bongani ‘Sigcokosiyancinca’ Dlamini.