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A billionaire King who wants eSwatini workers to earn R1,100.00 per month, what a shame!.

Monday, 6th September, 2021

Oppression and the desire to see people suffering in poverty is not a theory, it is well documented in various Gazettes where the King’s government gave employers permission to pay workers as little as R1,100.00.

Perhaps, let me state clearly that even though I am a well-paid journalist now, I know the struggle of life in this country having worked in the textile industry trying to secure money to further my education and have a driver's license.

As a result, seeing a government signing a Gazette empowering employers to pay workers these peanuts suggests that we must work extra hard to liberate the people from the hands of the oppressor.

When I was working at one of the textile factories, my last salary was R450,00 per-fortnight and I remember taking R200,00 to my grandfather to pay for the services of a tractor so we can have food, when we write about the struggle for survival in this country, it’s not a theory but a reality. 

Writing from a practical point of view, it is worth mentioning that the oppression targeting workers in this country impacts their relatives in the rural areas, they can’t provide for them.

As a result, among the about 70% of the population living below the poverty line, some are workers, who were forced into poverty by Mswati’s government through these Government Gazettes that empowers employers to pay employees peanuts.

Workers are the drivers of the economy but in this country, the government is always working towards making sure they sink deeper into poverty.

As mentioned, before becoming a journalist, I went through the journey of life and therefore, I understand the struggles of workers who are forced to survive with a mere R1000.00 in the midst of the ever escalating costs for basic necessities of life.

I am not afraid to mention where I come from and that I am a former textile worker, this always motivated me to be voice of the people because I understood their challenges better. My journey to become a journalist went through a rough political road with potholes than smooth surfaces, it was through that journey where I got to understand that some of the textile workers are professionals who were employed there because of the scarcity of jobs in this country.

One of my friends I worked with at the textile industry is now a lawyer, his conduct is very different, he is an not famous but a human rights defender.

Perhaps, it’s because he understood the experience we went through while working in the factories and therefore, we have an obligation to be the voices of the oppressed workers.

We want a democratic government that will pay all workers decent salaries and improve their lives, a government that oppresses the people through low paying Gazettes must be removed.

  A billionaire King who wants eSwatini workers to earn R1,100.00 per month, what a shame!.
King Mswati