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Senior Superintendent Clement committed crimes against humanity by killing civilians, is a public enemy.

Tuesday, 7th September, 2021

Senior Superintendent Clement Sihlongonyane is one of the senior police officers who must be thrown behind bars and face the law for crimes against humanity, once a democratic government takes over.

However, now that the police and other judicial officers have demonstrated that  they are law unto themselves, the public must decide what to do with Clement Sihlongonyane, he is literally a public enemy and or a major threat to any human being with a different political view in this country. 

It should be noted that Clement Sihlongonyane has been and continues to  kill innocent people while elevating himself as a major security provider to the powers that be.

He has been doing all this because he was feeling secured, now the people have concluded that enough is enough and he will no longer feel secured.

Indeed, you can't provide security to anyone if your life is not secured, we don’t condone violence but we have been warning security officers that they will never be bigger than the over one million people, people are not animals to be slaughtered at someone’s will. 

Even animals are now protected by law, however, in this country, human life is not valued.

Clement Sihlongonyane is a public enemy, we were hoping that the judiciary would protect the people, what we are seeing now in this country where the people take the law unto themselves is very unfortunate but it’s a product of a system that instilled anger on them.

It was rare to hear a gun shot in this country but the police and soldiers are grooming the people to get used to that and soon the people will no longer be running away from security forces.

Clement Sihlongonyane’s life is now in danger and it’s very unfortunate, however, that’s the environment he created for himself.

The problem with security is that once you feel insecure, automatically you will need escorts and one wonders if government will provide security to Sihlongonyane. In the event government provides security to this cruel and torturing cop, does he expects the very same police officers who are bitter about him to provide such services?.

Clement Sihlongonyane is a killer and a criminal hiding in the name of law enforcement. This means, in the absence of a fair justice system, the power to stop Clement Sihlongonyane from killing more people rests with the people, they know how to stop him and we will be here reporting the events as they unfold. 

As the media, we have an obligation to condemn violence and we shouldn’t create a society where the police are permitted to torture and kill people with impunity. We condemn any form of violence but we cannot dictate to the people how they must deal with an alleged serial killer who cannot be taken to court because police are law unto themselves.

History suggests that government or State agents will never win against the people, Clement Sihlongonyane cannot provide security for the other political criminals if he feels insecure. 

Under the current situation, we continue to call for peace and dialogue, but on the other hand, we must warn the people against tolerating any nonsense from this regime and its security agents.

 Senior Superintendent Clement committed crimes against humanity by killing civilians, is a public enemy.
Senior Superintendent Clement Sihlongonyane