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UN Eswatini welcomes petition from political leaders, stands in solidarity with Swazis.

Friday, 10th September, 2021

MBABANE: The United Nations Eswatini published an online statement welcoming the delivery of a petition by Swazis who are seeking its intervention in the midst of  calls for democratic reforms.

Ms Nathalie Ndongo Seh, the UN Resident Coordinator said the protestors gathered in peace in front of the UN House to deliver a petition explaining the EmaSwati people's grievances to the UN.

“Many young people joined the peaceful protest, whilst the UN Resident Coordinator met with 10 representatives of the Political Party Assembly (PPA) to receive the petition and hear the grievances of EmaSwati.The United Nations continues to stand in solidarity with the people of Eswatini and is working to help restore peace to the nation” she said.

Sibongile Mazibuko, the President of the Ngwane National Liberatory Congress(NNLC) who was part of the political leaders who delivered the petition said King Mswati refused to engage them on democratic reforms despite numerous attempts. 

“We have reached a point whereby we have no alternative but to approach the United Nations because there are UN Conventions which he signed. We have seen the United Nations resolving political conflicts in countries like Sudan and we believe they will take action and assist us achieve democracy” ,she said.

King Mswati is facing more political pressure after he allegedly unleashed soldiers to shoot and kill dozens of civilians merely for  demanding democratic reforms.

Speaking during Sibaya, the King denied killing protesters and blamed pro-democracy activists for inciting violence.

Eswatini is not democratic, the country is ruled by Mswati as an absolute Monarch with Executive, Judicial and Legislative powers. He appoints the Prime Minister, Ministers, traditional leaders, Judges, a majority of Senators and all members of the various Governing Councils.

 UN Eswatini welcomes petition from political leaders, stands in solidarity with Swazis.
NNLC President Sibongile Mazibuko delivering a petition to the UN