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Yes, we have a political agenda to remove King Mswati’s government Mr PM.

Friday, 24th September, 2021

It is well-written in the founding objectives of this publication that it seeks to promote democracy, and influencing regime-change is part of a democratic process.

The King and his loyalists have been misleading the people by using the captured media to imply that calling for regime-change is unSwazi and or a criminal offense.

It is for these reasons in almost every political situation where government has run out of tricks to mislead the people, those in power will quickly blame people with a political agenda. 

Perhaps, one must clarify that having a political agenda is not a crime but that agenda must be endorsed through a democratic process. People have started to demonstrate their desire to live in a free and democratic country and this means they are endorsing the agenda to push for a free and democratic society.

A political agenda is, amongst others, a list of subjects or problems to which a group of people intending to form a government paid serious attention to at any given time.

 As Prime Minister Cleopas Dlamini sits in that air-conditioned office, he is pushing a political agenda to promote royal supremacy while about 70% of the population live below the poverty line. 

Protesting children and adults are pushing their own agenda for a free and democratic society, shifting goal posts in the midst of the current situation will not help this illegitimate government. 

The mere fact that young people are now protesting against this regime, means Mswati’s Throne will not survive because as these children grow, they will not tolerate this political dictatorship where a word from one man automatically becomes the law.

The phrase “political agenda” has been manipulated and portrayed by the captured media in the eyes of the people as if it’s wrong to have a political agenda, politics influence our lives and therefore, we must have an agenda on how to remove this oppressive regime.

Power belongs to the people and one wonders why this government always try to create an impression that removing it is a serious offense that carries a death penalty, people are killed for demanding democracy.

It should be noted that this government was not endorsed by the people, Prime Minister Cleopas Dlamini was never elected but he was handpicked by Mswati to push his agenda.

Now, a whole Prime Minister who was not democratically elected is telling the world that there are people with an agenda, what is wrong with the people’s agenda of removing a dictator and his Government?

In conclusion, let me emphasize that as the independent media, we have an agenda to influence the removal of this illegitimate government, Mswati will eventually fall. 

Media freedom cannot exist in a dictatorship State hence the media has an obligation to promote democracy, human rights and the rule of law.

  Yes, we have a political agenda to remove King Mswati’s government Mr PM.
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