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Resigned pro-democracy cop Sergeant Cebile ‘Cece’ Shongwe suspects Times journalists are used to trace her.

Monday, 27th September, 2021

MBABANE: Resigned pro-democracy police officer Cebile ‘Cece’ Shongwe is receiving highly suspicious questionnaires from journalists of the Times of Eswatini, she believes the intelligence unit is using them in tracing her.

Speaking to this Swaziland News, Shongwe said she recently received a questionnaire from Times journalist Melisa Msweli who was asking her about a donation she made to the family of the late Sihle Dludlu who was allegedly shot and killed by the police at Nhlangano.

“As a former police officer I know that some journalists of the Times work with the police and exchange information. What was the significance of asking me whether I went to  Sihle Dludlu’s family personally or sent someone? “ she said.

Shongwe said she was still wondering why the death of over one hundred(100) citizens during the recent political unrest did not receive enough media coverage.

On or around 19th September 2021, Melisa Msweli sent a questionnaire to Sergeant Cebile Shongwe asking about her pledge to take care of Dludlu’s four(4) year-old child.

“I work for the Times of Eswatini. My name is Melisa Msweli. I had attended the funeral of Sihle Dludlu and the family shared that you primised(sic) to take responsibility of educational fees for Dludlu’s 4 year old when dhe(sic) starts schooling. Bengicela i confirmation of the same from your end as intend to publish the story tomorrow. Also to ask if you sent someone to deliver the message of you went there physically”, read a message sent to Cebile Shongwe by the journalist.

An electronic questionnaire was sent to Martin Dlamini, the Managing Editor of the Times, however, he had not responded at the time of compiling this report.

Sergeant Cebile ‘Cece’ Shongwe resigned from police service in August 2021 saying she was tired of working for a government that oppresses people. She is in possession of evidence substantiating some of the killings by Mswati’s security forces.

 Resigned pro-democracy cop Sergeant Cebile ‘Cece’ Shongwe suspects Times journalists are used to trace her.
Cebile Shongwe