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King Mswati elevated himself above the law to render the Constitution useless.

Sunday, 3rd October, 2021

The clauses in the Constitution providing prosecution immunity to King Mswati while placing him above the law automatically renders the Supreme law of this country useless.

It should be noted that the basic functions of the law among others, it is to regulate human conduct and promote peace and stability. However, in this country ruled by a dictator laws are manipulated to promote the interests of those in power thus creating an environment where even the justice system accounts to a person not the law.

As a result, King Mswati with intent to strengthen and legitimize dictatorship manipulated the Constitution and placed himself above the law thus making it difficult to implement it particularly where human rights are violated.

Indeed, having a Constitution where the Head of State is above the law does not only undermine democratic principles that promote accountability of public power, but renders the country a jungle State where the King and those connected to him will break the law with impunity. 

Dozens of protesting civilians were killed during the recent pro-democracy protests  but just because Mswati’s prosecution immunity automatically protects his security forces, we are not seeing the killers appearing in court.

It was therefore unjust for King Mswati to even tell those advocating for democracy to follow the Constitution because that document is useless, he must throw it into the nearest political dustbin and surrender power to the people.

King Mswati does not qualify to even openly mention the Constitution everytime he speaks because he placed himself above it and by so doing, we can safely call him a dictator who manipulated the law to legitimize oppression.

The Constitution, in its current form promotes the Bill of Rights and it seems those who drafted it were pro-democratic, however, placing Mswati above the very same law automatically rendered it useless because this means he can violate human rights without being prosecuted.

The King can spend millions of Dollars hiring lawyers, public relations companies trying to hide the truth, but the truth remains that he will eventually fall.

We will expose and influence the removal or amendment of the Constitution that elevated him into a Godly status, he will eventually become a Swazi citizen whose conduct is regulated by the law like all of us.

Public power must be regulated through structures that promote accountability, but in this country, we have a human being who controls all the government institutions and traditional structures, then what’s the significance of the Constitution if the person holding the highest office is above the law?

Actually, this country needs a serious political overhaul, we can’t have a Head of State who was never democratically elected by the people placing himself above the Constitution, before Mswati lied that eSwatini is democratic, he must tell us who elected him to be Head of State.

The King had a chance to negotiate with those calling for democratic reforms to at least allow him to be a regulated Paramount Chief of the Dlamini clan after being dethroned, however, after shooting  and killing dozens of civilians, he must be taken to the International Criminal Court(ICC).

Mswati must understand that democracy promotes accountability, that is why we want to remove him from power because we cannot be ruled by a dictator who accounts to himself.

As mentioned, if Mswati sees himself as a legitimate leader of this country after manipulating the Constitution, he must tell us how many votes he accumulated to become the Head of State and how he accounts to the people.

In light of the aforementioned, it is of paramount importance to state or emphasize that King Mswati is a dictator who grabbed power and subsequently captured State security institutions to intimidate the people, he must be removed as a matter of urgency.

That this country is democratic as he always claims remains a shallow political imagination that can only exist in a mind of a dictator with a very low thinking capacity.

King Mswati elevated himself above the law to render the Constitution useless.
King Mswati(Pic: world politics)