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ESWATINI UNREST: Mswati deploys armed soldiers, police to shoot children in various schools.

Friday, 8th October, 2021

MBABANE: King Mswati’s security forces that include soldiers and the police were deployed in various schools across eSwatini to shoot children who are protesting, demanding democracy.

Police invaded Tikhuba High School on Friday and fired live rounds of ammunition as students protested and intensified calls for democratic reforms.

Police Spokesperson Superintendent Phindile Vilakati did not respond to our questions when questioned about the deployment of the police in schools.

Reached for comment by this Swaziland News, Mbongwa Dlamini, the President of the Swaziland National Association of Teachers(SNAT) confirmed that police were terrorizing children in schools, he said this was causing trauma to the children. Dlamini condemned the deployment of security officers in schools in the midst of the political unrest saying government must address the issues raised by the children instead of shifting blame to teachers.

The deployment of the police in schools will cause trauma to the children and the environment will no longer be conducive for learning. Government always tries to shift the blame to the  teachers instead of addressing the issues and urge those in power to address them as  raised by the children”, said the SNAT President.

Education Minister Lady Howard Mabuza did not respond when reached for comments by this publication.

Eswatini, a tiny Kingdom situated in Southern Africa is facing growing calls for democratic reforms, the country is ruled by Mswati as an absolute Monarch, political parties are banned from participating in elections.

After the King banned the delivery of petitions through a decree earlier this year, citizens organized a of series protests in demand for democratic reforms. Mswati responded by allegedly unleashing soldiers and the police to shoot and kill dozens of civilians and this triggered human rights organizations to report him to the International Criminal Court.

ESWATINI UNREST: Mswati deploys armed soldiers, police to shoot children in various schools.
Mswati deploys armed police in various schools.