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Eswatini must have a democratically elected President, Mswati might capture Prime Minister.

Sunday, 10th October, 2021

The conduct of the Speaker in the House of Assembly, Petros Mavimbela who was elected by the people of Mhlambanyatsi and subsequently captured by the King should be an eye opener to those who are calling for an elected Prime Minister with Mswati remaining in power.

Perhaps, it is worth mentioning that as we advocate for democracy we are learning that, because of his political conduct, Mswati should not exist in any democratic structure of this country.

This cruel and oppressive Tinkhundla system of Governance promoted a culture of electing individuals into positions of power so that it could be easy to capture and manipulate them.

We need a political system where the President will come from the ruling party that won elections and be accountable to the people through democratic State institutions that promotes accountability of public power  

MP Petros Mavimbela, after winning a Parliament seat was elected by the MPs as Speaker in the House of Assembly but now, he is opposing democracy in his ‘capacity’ as  King Mswati's puppet.

As a country, we must refrain from giving Mswati a political massage while compromising democratic values by calling for an elected Prime Minister who might be captured by royalty.

Thousands of Swazis protested back in 1996 calling for a democratic Constitution among others but that process was hijacked by King Mswati who placed himself above the law despite being a major player in the political structures of this country.

What was the purpose of that Constitution if the person who holds the highest position is above the Supreme Law?.

Knowing that he cooked that document to his advantage, Mswati would tell those who advocate for regime change to follow the Constitution and proper channels to influence democratic reforms.

It is therefore important that we learn from these previous incidents and understand that this country and its citizens deserve democracy, Speaker Mavimbela was supported by the likes of Hosea MP Bacede Mabuza to take over that position but now he is working for Mswati.

Therefore, an elected Prime Minister who would take over that office whether through a Parliamentary vote or elected directly by the people would be captured and branded with Smohlwana by royalty as a long as Mswati would still be in power.

Swazis have suffered for too long in the hands of this dictator and as the independent media, we will monitor the democratic processes to ascertain whether it favours the people or royalty.

In my opinion, Swazis must elect a President and completely eradicate anything that would undermine democracy in this country, democracy is not negotiated but demanded.

Indeed, democracy is not a privilege but an umbrella of human rights supported by international law, it cannot be negotiated as if we are at the mercy of a dictator to enjoy human rights.

Maybe, those were calling for an elected Prime Minister wanted to speak a language that would be understandable to the people at the time, however, most people are now politically inclined, they want a full democracy not a piece of political power.

Mswati allegedly killed innocent civilians who were protesting demanding democratic reforms and therefore, Swazis cannot engage in a dialogue with an alleged serial murder suspect, he must just go to prison.

In conclusion, it is important to state that the democracy we are demanding should not be reduced into nothing by electing a Prime Minister who would then be captured and controlled by Mswati like Speaker Petros Mavimbela.

We must remove Mswati from power and elect a President through fair and credible democratic processes and that President must account to the people through democratic structures.

What was the significance of electing Speaker Petros Mavimbela who now takes orders from Mswati at Lozitha Palace?

Eswatini must have a democratically elected President, Mswati might capture Prime Minister.
Speaker Petros Mavimbela.