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No justice for former Langa Bricks employees who were retrenched without monthly salaries.

Tuesday, 12th October, 2021

MATSETSA: Former Langa Bricks employees are demanding their money from the now defunct company after working for two months without pay before it closed in December 2016. 

Speaking to this Swaziland News, Almon Kunene one of the former employees at Langa Bricks said  since  the company closed down in  2016,  its Director who is believed to be in South Africa is nowhere  to  be found.

“After having worked for over 2 months, the Director flew away,we had engaged in a strike action  when he was still there but he didn't care and  decided to close down ,we approached former Lugongolweni Member of Parliament(MP) J. Souza and the current MP Thethi Magongo for help but all our efforts were in vain",he said.

Reached for comments, Lugongolweni MP Thethi Magogo said he wasn't aware of the matter but only learnt about it in Parliament.

 "I don't know anything about that story, and I only learnt  about  it in  Parliament where MP Mduduzi Magagula was addressing it ,I cannot deny something that I know but I am not aware of this matter",said the Lugongolweni MP.

Dvokodvweni MP Mduduzi Magagula  confirmed knowledge of the matter.

"Im aware of this matter, and they took it to the  Ministry of Labour which promised to work on it. I tried my best effort to seek audience with the Director of that company only to find a liquidator. I will have to do something so that these people get compensated", he said.

Efforts to reach Phila Buthelezi, the Minister of Labour and Social Security proved unsuccessful at the time of compiling this report.

Wander Mkhonza the Secretary General of the Almagated Trade Unions of Swaziland  (ATUSWA) blamed this on  government.

"This problem started by the law that  allows companies to fly by night. Employers should be made to pay a security fee so that the Labour Commissioner can be able to compensate their  employees  should the businesses fail",said the  ATUSWA Secretary General.

No justice for former Langa Bricks employees who were retrenched without monthly salaries.
Almon Kunene-former Langa bricks employee.