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REVEALED: Burning of Mdumezulu Umphakatsi kept a top secret.

Tuesday, 19th October, 2021

MDUMEZULU: Prince Kusa, the Chief of Mdumezulu allegedly kept the burning of his Royal Kraa a top secret.

The Umphakatsi was burned last week Tuesday in the midst of the ongoing protests against King Mswati.

Reached for comments, Indvuna Nakane Mkhabela confirmed the burning of the Royal Kraal but said they were not aware of the identities of those involved.

“How can we know who burnt the royal kraal because we were all asleep we just saw flames" said the Indvuna. 

Indvuna Nakane Mkhabela said that no livestock was burnt but the royal kraal was severely damaged.

Reached for comments by this publication a community member Clinton Tsabedze said as residents of that area they are not happy with the chieftaincy and how it treat them.

“His feedlot is runned from tinkhomo tekukhonta.So he takes tinkhomo tekukhonta to his personal business like Mswati”, he said.

 REVEALED: Burning of Mdumezulu Umphakatsi kept a top secret.
Mdumezulu Umphakatsi burned