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“I was impregnated by gospel artist Frans Dlamini, Mzwakhe also demands sex”

Saturday, 1st February, 2020

MBABANE: Kayise Nhleko claims she was impregnated by gospel artist and former Nhlambeni Member of Parliament Frans Dlamini.

In an interview with this Swaziland News, the woman said she was now being threatened by Mzwakhe Myeni after she allegedly refused to have sex with him too. She produced series of sex videos and audio recordings that were allegedly sent by Myeni when seducing and convincing her to dump Frans Dlamini. 

Initially, Nhleko told this publication that she loved Frans not Myeni, however, Myeni was now demanding sex by force. In one of the messages seen by this publication Myeni wrote: “Come ngitokubhebha”.

“He sent me sex-videos, like ‘blue-movies’ and I have been ignoring him. This started when he answered my calls while I was calling Frans, I couldn’t understand why he picked a call in a phone that did not belong to him. However, I later understood that they were together during that time, that’s when the communication between me and Mzwakhe started” she said.

Reached for comments, Deputy Prime Minister Themba Masuku advised the woman to open a case with the police, he said it was against the Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence(SODV) Act to send sex videos and demand sex from someone who is not in a relationship with him or her.

“She must just go the nearest police station, produce those messages and open a SODV case. It’s is unlawful for anyone to send sex videos and demand sex from someone you are not in a relationship with” said the DPM.

When this publication contacted Mzwakhe Myeni, he first denied knowledge of the woman, however, when told that more evidence was in possession of this publication, he then promised to facilitate a meeting where Frans Dlamini, this journalist and the woman will also be available.

“I don’t understand why I am being dragged into this whole thing, if the woman claims to be pregnant, she must wait until she gives birth and then give the child to Frans. Ngingena kuphi mine lapho?. This woman is used by the Devil to destroy our reputations and I have been told that this is part of a strategy to destroy me after I exposed Gcina Mtsetfwa” he said.

In one of the whatsap recordings, Myeni allegedly warned the woman not to fake pregnancy saying he was aware that Nhleko was consistently receiving treatment to prevent same.

“Wena ungamitha kwamanini ngoba ugwinya emaphilisi, uyajova yonkhe lento yentiwa nguwe, songamitha kwamanini wena? Kona nangabe umithi awulandzi ngani ipregnancy test uletse incwadzi yadokotela lesho kuthi umithi? Ubita sisu emoyeni nje. Yena umuntfu lomithi uthretenishana kanje? Yini ungatali umtwana wena? Tala umtwana uthule lomsindvo, uletse umtfwana wakaDlamini nangabe umitsiswe kaDlamini, uyekele lombhedvo lowukhulumako(meaning: How can you become pregnant because I know you are preventing pregnancy? You are just faking to be pregnant, if it’s true that you pregnant just wait and give birth first and then give the child to Dlamini(Frans) not this ‘nonsense’ you are talking.

After this publication called Myeni on the matter, the woman called -again and asked if this Swaziland News has contacted Myeni.

“The reason I am asking this, is because now I am receiving messages from unknown people telling me to stop this thing. Frans called me and asked why I am now exposing him and I said it was Mzwakhe who complicated this, I was only concerned about the threats because Mzwakhe is dangerous, I know him” she said.

After numerous efforts to reach Frans Dlamini that were not successful, Mzwakhe tried to call and he was then placed in a conference call with the woman, that was when more information came out on the alleged relationship between Frans Dlamini and the sexual encounter that was proposed by Myeni from the same woman. Frans Dlamini was then reported to be in church and his phone was off shortly after learning that this matter was being investigated.

On another note, Mzwakhe Myeni later threatened this journalist and the woman, he vowed to pray and further compose a song that will expose both the scribe and the accuser.

“My God will deal with you Kayise and I will compose a song about you that will be played widely on social media. Even you Zweli, I will compose a song about you and my God will deal with you” he said.    





“I was impregnated by gospel artist Frans Dlamini, Mzwakhe also demands sex”
Gospel Artist Frans Dlamini