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Sibaya is a dangerous venue for political dialogue, Mswati can kill the people there for expressing their views.

Monday, 25th October, 2021

It is very disturbing to note that after killing dozens of civilians merely for demanding democratic reforms, King Mswati still believes he can summon the people to his Sibaya to discuss issues of national importance.

Perhaps, it is important to state that King Mswati is now an alleged political serial killer and therefore cannot be trusted with human life not to mention hosting a political dialogue that seeks to remove him from power.

King Mswati is now a matured political hypocrite who, in his own words, stated categorically during the previous Sibaya that protesting civilians were dagga smokers.

That Mswati prioritizes Incwala more than the current issues shaking this country suggests that he remains an unrepentant political hypocrite who believes he can fool the current generation.

Sibaya is not only a political joke but it reduces the citizens into subjects of Mswati who deserve to sit on the ground while he addresses them saying everything in eSwatini belongs to him.

It should be noted that if Mswati still believes that people are on his side, that can be demonstrated by calling his supporters to Somhlolo Stadium and the pro-democracy groups would address theirs at Mavuso Sports Centre and then the numbers would speak.

The ongoing killing of civilians allegedly by Mswati who uses violence to hold on to power is a clear indication that his commitment to dialogue remains a ghost story but he will soon be forced by circumstances to engage pro-democracy leaders in a neutral ground.

We cannot trust Mswati who disregarded the Bill of Rights in the Constitution by shooting and killing civilians, a genuine dialogue that seeks to resolve the ongoing political unrest must be grounded on democratic principles and values and this means both parties must agree on a neutral venue.

Indeed, the Bill of Rights should be a cornerstone of democracy but in a country where the Head of State is above the law, we might again witness a situation where Mswati unleashes his officers to trace those who were critical against him during Sibaya.

William Mkhaliphi who was highly critical of Mswati during Sibaya was attacked by police officers, his wife later died.

In light of the aforementioned, Sibaya cannot be a neutral venue for a genuine political dialogue, it is and must remain a venue where Mswati stages his political comedy while fooling the world that he believes in dialogue.

Sibaya is a dangerous venue for political dialogue, Mswati can kill the people there for expressing their views.
King Mswati