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REVEALED: Gary Mark Fox dies in Mhlambanyatsi helicopter crash.

Tuesday, 26th October, 2021

MHLAMBANYATSI: Gary Mark Fox allegedly died in the Mhlambanyatsi helicopter crash on Tuesday morning.

Preliminary findings of an investigation conducted by this Swaziland News uncovered that the helicopter with registration numbers V5HOC was from Namibia, owned by Mark Fox and operated by Heliworx Swaziland.

It has been disclosed that Fox was employed by Peak Timbers(now under TWK) as a fire fighter, he was doing some sugarcane spraying work for Illovo.

The family of Fox based in South Africa contacted this journalist requesting more details after reading the story regarding the helicopter crash in the morning on Tuesday. 

“We read the story about the helicopter crash on Swaziland News, I’m with his son and daughter as we speak and I will be travelling to Swaziland. Can you assist us with more information on how the helicopter crashed”, said Jenny who was enquiring more information about the incident on behalf of the family.

The helicopter crashed at Montigny forests in the morning on Tuesday and this was confirmed by former top investigative journalist, now Montigny Spokesperson Sihle Mavuso.

“It’s true, a helicopter crashed just now and I am rushing to the scene to check, we will then issue a comment with full details later”, said the Montigny Investments Spokesperson.

REVEALED: Gary Mark Fox dies in Mhlambanyatsi helicopter crash.
Mark Fox died in a helicopter crash.