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Nhlambeni man ritually murdered, body parts removed ahead of Mswati’s Incwala ceremony.

Wednesday, 27th October, 2021

NHLAMBENI: Heshane Motsa, a resident of Nhlambeni in the Manzini region was ritually murdered, some body parts removed ahead of the annual Incwala ceremony.

The ritual murder of citizens with impunity in this tiny Kingdom of eSwatini has been going on for years, however, the State media has been attributing these killings to aspiring Members of Parliament(MPs) to protect King Mswati, a prime suspect in the killing of civilians. On or around December 2020, two children from Nyanyali disappeared during the same ceremony and the police were later deployed to torture Ayanda Dlamini a mother to one of the kids merely for demanding her child 

But Motsa was killed at his home on Friday night just a short distance from Thabani Nkomonye\'s home who was allegedly  killed by the police earlier this year.

Speaking to this Swaziland News, a resident close to the matter said as a community they were now living in fear as many more people have been killed in the area.

"We are asking for help we are being killed here in Nhlambeni this is not the first person to be killed, children and women are being killed, They removed his eyes, brains , tongue and private parts.This looks like a ritual murder,"  said the resident.

Sibongile Mazibuko, the President of the Ngwane National Liberatory Congress (NNLC) said in a democracy there wouldn't be human sacrifices , so Swazis needed to  intensify their fight.

"An investigation should be done, it's unfortunate that the police arrest those who come looking for their relatives who are victims of these rituals. We have seen this happening at Nyalinyali, Swazis need to fight for democracy, in a democracy there will be no human sacrifices, people will be elected into power by merit", said the NNLC President.

Phindile Vilakati, the Spokesperson of the eSwatini Police had not responded to our questionnaire at the time of compiling this report.

Mswati is preparing for an Incwala ceremony which will start in November, that’s where the King performs his annual rituals.

  Nhlambeni man ritually murdered, body parts removed ahead of Mswati’s Incwala ceremony.
The late Heshane Motsa