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Judge Sipho Nkosi, a victim of judicial dictatorship.

Sunday, 31st October, 2021

Judicial independence is one of the cornerstone of democracy but in this country, Judges are used to legitimize dictatorship and those who refuse are either sidelined on critical cases or impeached.

Judge Sipho Nkosi became a victim of judicial dictatorship after refusing to be influenced by Chief Justice Bheki Maphalala in various cases in which royalty and the CJ, in his personal capacity had direct or indirect interest.

It is clear that the judiciary in this country is under siege and it all started when a junior Judge was appointed to be the Chief Justice of this country, Bheki Maphalala subsequently sold justice to the highest bidder.

As the situation stands, workers who were unfairly dismissed by companies linked to the King are struggling to get justice within the courts because Mswati who doubles as a businessman is above the law, by extension, anything linked to him enjoys absolute power.

Now, Judge Sipho Nkosi who granted murder suspect Sipho Shongwe bail is impeached merely because some judges including royal family members were getting paid by the late businessman Victor Gamedze and they are eager to see Shongwe behind bars based on circumstantial evidence.

The death of businessman Victor Gamedze was very unfortunate but we don’t expect Judges to categorize murder cases as if souls of the rich and powerful are superior than those of the poor, all murder suspects must be treated fairly by the judiciary and face the law for their alleged crimes.

It is clear that in this country, precedent law does not apply in cases where those who are rich and powerful have interest. The justice system has developed eyes and this, I would state categorically, is very unfortunate.

It is for these reasons we have suspects like Sipho Shongwe, Bacede Mabuza and Mthandeni Dube behind bars while murder suspect Minister Ntunthuko Dlamini, a former Cabinet Minister and Senior Superintendent Enock Zulu who is suspected of burning properties around the country are out on bail.

In the midst of the judicial capture, we have seen unemployed school children granted R8000.00 bail merely for protesting and burning tyres on the road while a senior police officer who allegedly burnt a multi-million property was granted R4000.00 bail and released.

I am not saying Judge Nkosi was perfect but what is happening to him now is a clear case of persecution almost similar to that of Judge Thomas Masuku and this should be an eye opener to pro-democracy leaders that this country must be liberated as a matter of urgency so that we can have an independent judiciary.

Chief Justice Bheki Maphalala is, and remains a corrupt judge who violated the Prevention of Corruption Act of 2008.  In terms of the said Act, when the late President of the Law Society Mandla Mkhwanazi revealed that justice was for sale in our courts, Justice Maphalala, as the head of the judiciary was supposed to report these allegations to the ACC for investigation purposes.

But how can a corrupt Judge like Maphalala report corruption and be open to an investigation?

Instead, he has and continues to abuse his powers to castrate the ACC  and legitimize corruption in this country through questionable judgements, what a corrupt judge in the history of the judiciary!!

Furthermore, the CJ allegedly stopped Parliament from investigating corruption within the office of the Master of the High Court just because he was allegedly implicated in some files there.

Now, he is persecuting Judge Nkosi hoping to divert focus, we know the most corrupt Judges within the judiciary and it’s a matter of time before we dedicate our time to focus on Chief Justice Bheki Maphalala.

Some Judges are highly respected judicial officers who must be allowed to determine cases freely, not all of them are puppets.

Judge Sipho Nkosi, a victim of judicial dictatorship.
Judge Sipho Nkosi