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Mail and Guardian editor, Swaziland News editor meet to strengthen working relationship.

Monday, 15th November, 2021

JOHANNESBURG: Swaziland News editor Zweli Martin Dlamini visited the Mail and Guardian newsroom on Monday as per an invitation by the newspaper’s news editor Athandiwe Saba.

Dlamini is a part time writer for the Mail and Guardian focusing on eSwatini stories, during the visit, the two editors emphasized on the importance of working together in amplifying the voice of the oppressed eSwatini citizens.

“I am very happy to meet you Zweli and you can’t believe the huge role you are playing in telling the eSwatini story to the world, most South Africans here are happy with your stories”, said the Mail and Guardian news editor.

Athandiwe Saba promised to contact her network of organizations to support the Swaziland News, she thanked Dlamini for the quality of the news he writes for the Mail and Guardian.

On another note, the Swaziland News editor thanked the Mail and Guardian for prioritizing stories that touched on the plight of Swazis.

“As we report about the political challenges faced by Swazis, we appreciate the collaboration we have with the international media to amplify the oppressed voices of the people and we hope that this collaboration will continue as we work towards liberating the people”, said the Swaziland News editor.

The two editors then proceeded to drink coffee where the role of the media in addressing the various challenges  affecting Swazis were discussed at length.

Mail and Guardian editor, Swaziland News editor meet to strengthen working relationship.
Swaziland News editor Zweli Martin Dlamini meets Mail and Guardian editor Athandiwe Saba.