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Colani Maseko, the powerful eSwatini students leader who is changing the political landscape.

Tuesday, 16th November, 2021

Colani Maseko is the President of the Swaziland National Union of Students(SNUS) who was leading the Justice for Thabani protests that subsequently triggered a series of protests seeking to remove King Mswati from power.

That they were few police officers and no soldiers during the first Justice for Thabani protest suggests that Mswati’s Government thought few people will participate, however, the numbers shocked them.

Maseko first sent a warning to Tinkhundla Minister David ‘Cruizer’ Ngcamphalala who had insulted the youth saying they were only barking on social media, the Students Union President said Ngcamphalala would know the power of the youth.

Subsequently, Maseko issued several warnings to Mswati saying his days were numbered before issuing an order that his pictures must be removed from the walls of the various Universities because the youth no longer recognized him as the King.

Now, if Mswati has been dumped by the youth, that means his Throne is about to fall because the elderly people who were blinded by this regime are disappearing from this earth as part of human nature.

King Mswati is now instilling anger among children by shooting them and as these young people grow, he won’t sit on the Throne and rule over them with a barrel of a gun.

Indeed, Mswati has killed over one hundred citizens now but the calls for democracy are intensifying, the youth wants to be free  from his oppressive regime.

Students Union President Colani Maseko had, on numerous occasions stated categorically that as the youth, they didn't want Mswati in power.

Perhaps, those who believe this country is democratic must tell the Nation who voted for Mswati to be the Head of State.

This dictator is messing the lives of the people including the youth because he has no political bond with the masses, I concur with President Maseko that he must be removed as matter of urgency.

The political instability in this country suggests that Mswati will utilize more money buying guns while the youth struggles with jobs and scholarships.

This means the King is low minded because all the unemployed youth will continue creating more political headache for him.

In fact after the massacre, Mswati disconnected himself from the few remaining Swazis who were brainwashed into believing that he was a leader.

I strongly believe that Mswati has a low thinking capacity, instead of addressing the challenges facing this country, he believes he can rule this country through the barrel of a gun.

The death of PUDEMO President Mario Masuku, Jan Sithole and other political leaders was celebrated by his son Prince Majaha, but then, young leaders like Colani Maseko emerged.

Powerful independent journalists were captured but others emerged, this means the call for democratic reforms is continuous and cannot be stopped by guns and media capture.

Now that the youth has discovered that their challenges are caused by the King’s appetite for luxury, it’s just a matter of time before Mswati falls.

Colani Maseko, the powerful eSwatini students leader who is changing the political landscape.
Students Union President Colani Maseko.