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Hypocrite Cabinet Ministers want Nation to blame only Princess Sikhanyiso for internet shutdown.

Sunday, 21st November, 2021

Princess Sikhanyiso, the Information Minister was selectively blamed for the shutting down of the internet by hypocrite Cabinet Ministers who claim to love royalty yet their intention is to benefit from the system.

It should be noted that when we spoke to some Government officials off-record, some of them would blame Princess Sikhanyiso as if she just decides alone to shut down the internet.

Now, the electronic evidence exposed that some of these Ministers are enemies of the people but a majority of them want us to selectively blame royalty yet they are also an extension of the oppressor.

Foreign Minister Thulie Dladla openly mocked the people saying the launch of the Swaziland Liberation Movement(SWALIMO) must be disturbed through the internet shutdown, this is a country that claims to respect fundamental human rights.

It shouldn’t be an issue as to who leaked  the WhatsApp messages, as a Swazi and a journalist, I interact with Ministers, royal  family members, Judges, lawyers Chief Executive Officers(CEO) and senior security personnel among others.

The main issue here is the intention by Cabinet to violate the right to freedom of assembly and association by sabotaging the right to communicate freely through social media.

It is disturbing that Cabinet Ministers like Thulie Dladla and Mancoba Khumalo whose thinking capacity suggests that they can just shutdown the internet with impunity, are running the affairs of this country.

Citizens of this country have a right to form and or join political parties of their choice and we are working towards putting pressure on this oppressive government to allow political parties to participate in elections.

This generation cannot be ruled by Mswati and these grandmothers like Minister Thulie Dladla who think that  i- internet ihlala elucotfweni, you can shut it down with impunity.

The internet is used by banks for transactions, University students to communicate in their WhatsApp groups, do research online among others.

Then comes an old woman like Thulie Dladla who was never elected by the people suggesting to Princess Sikhanyiso that the internet must be shutdown just to sabotage the official launch of Magawugawu’s political party.

It is important for the youth to understand that the process of removing this government from power must be intensified so that these old gogos like Thulie Dladla can go back to their homes bayoluka emancansi.

We need a democratic government that will respect human rights and as the independent media, we will continue providing information to the public so that the people can decide what to do with oppressors like Thulie Dladla.

King Mswati is the chief dictator but we must understand that he works with hypocrites like these Ministers who frustrate  the youth with the internet.

But as these old clowns frustrate the youth and instilling anger among them, one wonders if these Ministers are ready to live in the hostile political environment they are creating once they retire from politics.

Hypocrite Cabinet Ministers want Nation to blame only Princess Sikhanyiso for internet shutdown.
Foreign Affairs Minister Thulie Dladla