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TUCOSWA’s Phumelele Dlamini among leaders who allegedly defrauded Swazis based in Canada.

Sunday, 28th November, 2021

MBABANE: Phumelele Dlamini, the former Trade Union Congress of Swaziland(TUCOSWA) National Organizer is among trade  union leaders and political activists who personally cashed thousands of Rands during the recent political unrest.

Documents in our possession suggest that Swazis based in Canada personally made contributions from their pockets to assist their fellow Swazis back home and further support access to information, however Dlamini and other political activists used the money for their own benefit. 

Bheki Nxumalo, a Swazi based in Canada confirmed that Dlamini received R4942.15 which she said was wanted by TUCOSWA to assist the people during the unrest. Other transactions gathered so far suggests that between July and August 2021 about R20,000.00 was collected by other political leaders that was never accounted for. The Swazis based in Canada also supported the independent media through subscriptions to advance the flow of information in the Diaspora.

“It’s true that the money was sent to Phumelele on behalf of TUCOSWA via MoneyGram but we then gathered that she re-directed it for personal use”, he said. 

Reached for comments,  former TUCOSWA President Quinton Dlamini said there was never a resolution empowering other trade union leaders including Dlamini to collect money on behalf of the people.

“Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention, this is the accountability we want Dlamini. I can confirm that the money you are referring to was never declared to the federation and that there was never any resolution empowering Executive members to collect monies on behalf of the people”, he said.

Reached for comments, Phumelele Dlamini, the former TUCOSWA National Organizer confirmed receiving the money but clarified that it was not for TUCOSWA but to assist in the struggle for democracy.

“The money was not for TUCOSWA but to support the struggle, it is still available because it didn’t work what it was intended for”, she said.

On another note Bheki Nxumalo, the Swazi based in Canada said he had evidence of all the people who received the money adding that Phumelele was placed in a conference call when she narrated that the money was urgently wanted by TUCOSWA.

“She said the money was wanted by TUCOSWA because the federation does not have support yet it was at the forefront of the struggle”, he said.

TUCOSWA’s Phumelele Dlamini among leaders who allegedly defrauded Swazis based in Canada.
Former TUCOSWA’s National Organizer Phumelele Dlamini.