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Suppressed Gays and Lesbians appeal to editor after being censored by State controlled media.

Sunday, 12th December, 2021

BOKSBURG: Members of the Lesbian, Gay Bisexual and Transgender(LGBTQ) community held a private meeting with Swaziland News editor Zweli Martin Dlamini at the Boksburg conference in South Africa where they requested their voices to be heard.

”We have tried several times with the other newspapers but seemingly, they are ignoring us”, said one of the LGBTQ members during the meeting.

Dlamini confirmed the meeting adding that he understood the discriminatory frustration these citizens were going through in the country.

The editor said he advised them to elect one skilled writer from their association who would write articles for the Swaziland News and promote their rights and interests.

“We held a meeting with some members of the LGBTQ community where they narrated how their voices were censored by the State controlled media. I advised them to identify one skilled writer among their association who will write articles and promote their rights and activities. This will help in making sure that a person who understands their situation disseminates accurate information to avoid the use of words and phrases that might promote discrimination. We recognize them as citizens like any other person, regardless of lifestyle, gender, and sexual life, no human being should be treated like an outcast in his or her own country”, he said 

The editor further made an example of a very influential human being in the country whom we are told he has sex with a cow every year during Incwala as part of performing rituals but people were not judging him because the media never condemned him but accepted that as his ritual choice.

“Therefore, the same media must play a crucial role in educating the public and making sure that these citizens are not discriminated in our society like the person who allegedly have sex with a cow every year. As mentioned, we regard them as human beings, if what they are doing is a sin, that is between them and their God”, said the editor.

Suppressed Gays and Lesbians appeal to editor after being censored by State controlled media.
LGTBQ during a protest in eSwatini.