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Arrogant ‘Comrade’ Mswati systematically leading a revolution, castrates his Throne.

Monday, 13th December, 2021

King Mswati’s conduct these days suggests that it pleases him to see the country burning, the looming arrest of Students President Colani Maseko will trigger more anger among the youth.

Perhaps Mswati is not aware that he long lost legitimacy in this country and by fighting the youth, he is busy castrating his Throne because the youth are a majority of the whole population.

Instead of issuing orders to his government to award scholarships to University students, release more money for the Regional Development Fund(RDF), pay reasonable grants to the elderly, revive the collapsed health and education systems among others, Mswati is declaring war against anyone who opposes him.

Well, let me bring to the attention of the King that arresting Students' President Colani Maseko will not solve his political troubles but will revive and intensify the revolution after a brief hiatus.

It is for these reasons His Majesty ‘Comrade’ Makhosetive  Mswati Dlamini, by his arrogant and ‘low minded’ conduct, is playing a crucial role in fueling the struggle for democracy.

King Mswati thinks he can arrest an influential leader of the youth and expect things to be normal in this country, to him, what happened after he banned the delivery of petitions was not enough.

'Comrade' Mswati is leading the revolution with his arrogant decisions and everytime when things start to normalize, he would take decisions that would trigger more anger among the citizens.

Hail Your Majesty 'Comrade’ King Mswati for assisting the people to advance the struggle for  freedom from your dictatorship rule.

A wise King would have long come-up with solutions to the current social, economic and political challenges but ‘Comrade’ Mswati wants to see eSwatini burning again, he doesn’t have solutions except to issue orders to arrest more political activists.

In conclusion, perhaps one should warn businesspeople and members of the public to ensure the safety of their properties and lives, 'Comrade' Mswati wants to start fire again in the country. It seems he wants to destroy everything for he understands that his days as an absolute Monarch are numbered.

Arrogant ‘Comrade’ Mswati systematically leading a revolution, castrates his Throne.
King Mswati