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REVEALED: Mswati’s soldiers block Prince Lonkhokhela from entering Engabezweni Palace as tension escalates within royal family.

Tuesday, 14th December, 2021

ENGABEZWENI: Prince Lonkhokhela, a son to King Sobhuza II was on Tuesday blocked from entering Engabezweni royal residence.

Prince Lonkhokhela, the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of the Eswatini National Provident Fund(ENPF) posted on a WhatsApp group for King Sobhuza’s children alerting other senior royal family members that soldiers were blocking him at Ngabezweni.

Some of the senior royal family members then alerted this journalist to investigate and verify what was happening to the Prince.

When this journalist reached Prince Lonkhokhela for a comment, he confirmed being blocked by the soldiers.

“It’s true Mlangeni, I was blocked by soldiers today, batsi banikwe i-order kutsi bangivimbe, ngiyamangala kutsi mine sengiyi-threat lakhaya kitsi, yati imihlolo siyayibona, sengiyi-threat mine?(meaning: the soldiers told me they received an order to block me and I am surprised that I am being considered a threat within my father’s home”, said the Prince.

The message sent by Prince Lonkhokhela to the Whatsap group of King Sobhuza’s children cannot be revealed as it was shared in confidence to this journalist by one of the senior royal family members.

A member of the royal guard who spoke to this publication said King Mswati issued a command to ban some of the children of King Sobhuza from entering his Palaces.

“Actually, he doesn’t want some of the children of Sobhuza next to him anymore. Even among us, his security officers, he doesn’t trust all of us. The way he does things these days, I sometimes suspect he wants to flee the country. Even nalapha eCentral Bank underground kuMatsapha lakwafihlwa khona lemali yaseLibya abasafuni sisondzele kani before besisondzela.Ngatsi sobutsisa konkhe(meaning: even at the Central Bank underground apartment where the Libyan money was hidden, we are no-longer allowed to come close to", said the member of the royal guard.

Army Spokesperson Lieutenant Tengetile Khumalo had not responded at the time of compiling this report.

But Lusendvo Fakudze, the Ludzidzini Palace Governor when questioned by this publication to explain why the Prince was blocked from entering Engabezweni said he was not aware of the order.

“Did you question those who blocked him? They must tell you where that order came from, ngoba mine angiyati le-order kutsi ibuyephi”,said the Governor.

The latest developments come after Prince Magudvulela, the senior Prince of the Hhohho region was also banned from attending Incwala and entering any royal residence.

REVEALED: Mswati’s soldiers block Prince Lonkhokhela from entering Engabezweni Palace as tension escalates within royal family.
Prince Lonkhonkhela