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Outgoing Students Union President Colani Maseko says leadership is not about competition.

Friday, 17th December, 2021

MANZINI: Colani Maseko, the outgoing President of the Swaziland National Union of Students(SNUS) says leadership is not a competition “but victory for one is victory for all”.

Speaking to this Swaziland News on Friday, the SNUS President said when he was offered an opportunity to lead, he saw that as a sign of a tremendous urge that the students had to see a great change,a paradigm shift to great purpose and a declaration of possible success in their struggles.

The outgoing Students President said no one had anticipated that 2021 would bring all these national crises, from the death of Thabani Nkomonye to the arrest of the pro-democracy MPs' and many other events that had fallen us as a nation. He thanked his NEC for passing the test through their resilience and courage to serve the students. 

To the students thank you for your hard work and the sacrifices you have made,leadership is not a competition therefore a victory for one is a victory for all”,said the SNUS President.

As the SNUS President, Maseko led the #JusticeforThabani campaign which saw the intensification of the struggle for democracy.

This was after a university law student in 25 year old Thabani Nkomonye allegedly died in the hands of the police in May this year. 

Since then he has been organising a series of campaigns across the country's higher learning institutions calling for the fall of King Mswati's regime.

He recently he led students in removing Mswati's portraits from the walls of campuses adding that they didn’t recognize him as a leader of the people.

Outgoing Students Union President Colani Maseko says leadership is not about competition.
Students Union President Colani Maseko.