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Mswati’s loyalists face questionable violent attacks, no serious injuries and deaths.

Sunday, 19th December, 2021

MBABANE: King Mswati’s loyalists and security officers are facing highly questionable violent attacks after his regime shot and killed dozens of civilians during the recent political unrest.

Police officers, Speaker in the House of Assembly Petros Mavimbela and King’s Interpreter among others were allegedly attacked by gun men, no reported serious injuries, deaths, arrests of the alleged criminals and or the usual public announcements seeking assistance to bring the gunmen to justice.

It was firstly reported that unknown gunmen shot a police motor vehicle five(5) times at or around Matsapha, but none of the officers died or got seriously injured in the midst of the shooting. 

It was then reported that gunmen invaded Pigg’s Peak Police Station allegedly to grab guns, again no police officer was reported to have died or injured in the dramatic shooting that subsequently erupted.

Two powerful King’s loyalists, the King’s Interpreter Sihle Dlamini and Speaker Petros Mavimbela who were allegedly attacked subsequently mocked the attackers in public raising more questions regarding the motive of the attacks.

“I am receiving threatening messages, they said they will come back again and attack my me and my home, let them come, they won’t kill me batangishiya nginje”, said the Speaker whose home at Mhlambanyatsi was petrol bombed by unknown people. He was speaking during a church service about three weeks ago shortly after the alleged attack.

Questions were sent to National Commissioner of Police William Dlamini where he was asked to explain the circumstances surrounding the alleged questionable attacks, however, he had not responded at the time of compiling this report.

A political leader who spoke to this publication alleged that there was a possibility that the attacks were staged to justify the shooting and killing of civilians in the eyes of the international community amid escalating global pressure.

Reached for comments,Wandile Dludlu, the Secretary General of the People’s United Democratic Movement(PUDEMO) said even though they might not be sure whether the attacks were staged or not, what he knew was that Swazis were killed by Mswati’s regime.

“It is highly unlikely for a person who has been attacked like the Speaker to publicly mock unknown attackers because the security of his family remains at stake. Unlike us, when we say we were attacked, we talk about evidence of the dozens who were killed, others injured and are now disabled. For now we are not saying the attacks were staged or not but on our side, we are talking about people who were killed by the security forces and their graves can be identified”, said the PUDEMO Secretary General.

Sihle Dlamini, the King’s Interpreter posed for a picture next to his house that was allegedly petrol bombed, he was allegedly laughing.

Worth-noting is that there was little damage at Sihle Dlamini’s home just like at Speaker Petros Mavimbela’s home, the alleged attack on Dlamini’s home came after he mocked the shooting and killing of civilians on Channel S TV.

Mswati’s loyalists face questionable violent attacks, no serious injuries and deaths.
King’s Interpreter Sihle Dlamini