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Ex-cop Minister Cruiser Ngcamphalala instilled a culture of violence among the youth, now he is reaping.

Wednesday, 22nd December, 2021

As the media when we warned police officers against instilling or promoting a culture of violence among the people, we were avoiding a situation where we would have a society that communicates through violence.

Former cop now Tinkhundla Minister, David Cruiser Ngcamphalala, the then Mafutseni Police Station Commander was leading a battalion of armed police officers who heavily assaulted protesting youth in Manzini on the 12th April 2011.

His troops then marched on the streets of Manzini celebrating and singing songs of victory, making sure no one was protesting.

While David Cruiser Ngcamphalala was leading the battalion of armed police officers celebrating and singing songs of victory, some Swazis were bleeding, hiding at Mzimnene river after being shot with rubber bullets and teargas canisters.

Yes, I was there covering that protest as a journalist and some of us were harassed by the police for taking pictures even when we explained to them that we were journalists and doing our job.

One journalist had his camera confiscated and he was forced to delete pictures, this was done by police officers who are law unto themselves.

Now, ten(10) years later, some of the youth who were assaulted by Cruiser are still alive and they are recapping on what happened to them as they read this article, this is what was planted to them by David Cruiser Ngcamphalala.

Even though, we don’t have evidence substantiating that the petrol bombing of the Tinkhundla Minister is linked to the ongoing political unrest, it is important to remind Cruiser and other public figures about the violence they are planting among the youth, one day they will harvest it.

As the media, we have evidence of articles where we warned police officers not to destroy this country by promoting a culture of violence but our warning fell on deaf ears, now Cruiser is ‘crying’ like a baby.

I always warn public figures not to abuse their powers and be violent against the youth because one day they will grow old and harvest what they have been planting all these years among the citizens.

David Cruiser Ngcamphalala is now an elderly, it will cost him thousands if not millions to build a decent home again and even if he can build that new home, no one knows whether the unknown attackers will come back and strike again.

We have citizens in this country who were killed, some are walking with bullets in their bodies, disabled after the June massacre.

No one knows what the relatives of these people are planning against public figures or families of those in power, this means our country is no longer safe and this culture was perpetrated by King Mswati and his loyalists including Cruiser Ngcamphalala.

It is important to note that you can’t plant violence among the citizens and expect to harvest peace, what you planted normally multiplies and we hope Ministers like Cruiser are enjoying what they planted for we warned them several times through a series of articles.

Violence should be avoided in any society but the appropriate way to discourage it is to warn or condemn those who are planting it instead of rushing to blast the victims for reacting in response to what was done to them.

Minister David Cruiser Ngcamphalala will not enjoy Christmas, the violence he planted came back to hit him personally and it might take years for him and his children to recover from the trauma not to mention the costs of the property.

In conclusion, let me once again warn public figures, police officers and soldiers to stop planting violence among this great Nation known for peace and humility.

As the situation stands, one day those security officers who are planting violence, invading schools with guns and shooting innocent children will harvest what they are planting in our society.

We sympathize with Minister David Cruiser Ngcamphalala, he is a good example that what you are planting might germinate even after ten(10) years.

This is a grieving Nation and if peace is not restored, we might witness the worse.

It’s very unfortunate but it’s the reality of our political climate now, we appeal for peace from the King’s security officers who are planting violence.

Ex-cop Minister Cruiser Ngcamphalala instilled a culture of violence among the youth, now he is reaping.
Police officers during a protest.