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So King Mswati’s 2022 First World Status dream was a lie?

Friday, 24th December, 2021

Traditionally, King Mswati is referred to as the mouth that tells no lies but now we have sufficient evidence suggesting that the King literally lied to the Swazis.

Mswati was not under political duress when he lied, saying by the year 2022, eSwatini would have attained the First World Status and that all citizens would live a better life.

Now, as we approach the year 2022 in a few days, eSwatini is struggling with the collapsed health system, lack of scholarships, non-availability of jobs, collapsed education system with the ease of doing business grossly undermined by the ever rising political temperatures in our political landscape.

Indeed, eSwatini has about 70% of the population living below the poverty line, this means over 700 000 citizens are struggling to afford a decent meal.

But we have a multi-billionaire King despite that he was never employed anywhere, Mswati lives a lavish lifestyle while a majority of Swazis live in squalor.

It should be noted that Mswati never dreamt of eSwatini becoming a First World Status, this was a lie and a political strategy meant to control the minds of the Swazis so that they could continue supporting the Monarchy hoping that one day their lives would be better.

It was wrong in the first place for the captured media to promote Mswati’s  ‘wet dream’ and mislead Swazis that eSwatini would attain the First World Status.

This country has been governed through lies for years, the glittering of Mswati’s Palaces suggests that he already lives a First World life with his family through taxes paid by the poor.

After the people realized that Mswati could not be trusted with leadership, they demanded a democratic government but he responded by killing them. 

It is therefore my observation that a leader who lied to the people promising them a better life knowing that he was just having a ‘wet dream’ cannot be trusted with leading a country.

We don’t need ‘wet dreamers’ like Mswati here but leaders who account to the citizens and work towards improving the lives of the people.

So King Mswati’s 2022 First World Status dream was a lie?
King Mswati.