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Who elected King Mswati as Head of State?

Wednesday, 5th January, 2022

Those who claim eSwatini is democratic must just tell us,who elected Mswati and how many votes he accumulated to be a Head of State?

That elected Members of Parliament(MPs) Bacede Mabuza and Mthandeni Dube were thrown behind bars by a dictator whose picture never appeared on the ballot box suggests that we have serious problem in this country that needs to be addressed as matter of urgency.

We can’t have a mere human being who elevated himself above the Constitution such that his word undermines democratic principles by superseding the will of the people. 

King Mswati was never democratically elected by the people but inherited absolute power from his father Sobhuza who banned political parties through the 1973 Decree and assumed Executive, Judicial and Legislative powers.

It is therefore a compromise to even engage Mswati through dialogue, that dictator must just be removed, we cannot be ruled by a lunatic whose thinking capability is highly questionable.

Mswati hired Praise Singers who told him everyday that ulilanga(he is the sun that brings light and warmth to the Nation), uLwandle Lolukhulu(he is the Ocean)among other praises, because these lies were repeated over and over again, it accumulated on his head and as result, Mswati ended up believing that indeed, he is god.

Swazi citizens are expected to degrade themselves and walk with their buttocks when approaching him because he was elevated to a godly status by those who masterminded the absolute monarchy, this is absolute nonsense.

Even when we pray to our God, we don’t walk with our buttocks, sometimes we pray in our churches standing and God can easily identify through our hearts whether we are respecting him or not.

Then, who is Mswati to degrade human beings, some who are heads of families in this manner?

Mswati must continue manipulating the elderly who still believe in this nonsense and regard him as god, he will not enjoy that status with the current generation.

How can we have a human being like us who assumed a godly status? What is so special about him?

Others believe he has powers to command the atmosphere and create rain during Incwala, surprisingly, we once experienced drought in this country and Mswati never created rain.

This propaganda was promoted by the State controlled media through systematic headlines “rain falls as King enters Sibaya during Incwala”

The truth is, Incwala is held during the summer season where most countries in the SADC region experience rain, it is these false narratives of elevating a mere human being like Mswati to a godly status that resulted to the challenges we are facing.

Now, we have found ourselves having to deal with an ego of a King who, for many years, believed he was god.

It is therefore advisable that those who are very close to Mswati must arrange political counseling sessions for this man,it cannot be so easy for him to accept reality and surrender power so easily through dialogue. 

But Mswati must know that the Swazis who were born in the year 2000 will be turning twenty-two(22) years this year, this means, he will soon face a generation that is exposed to information and well informed about human rights, shooting and killing civilians will not save his Throne.

Some of these young people who were born in the year 2000 are now at the Universities and know nothing about the history of Liqoqo and the propaganda suggesting that Sobhuza was also regarded as god such that sometimes he would turn into a cat, in fact they are not interested in that nonsense but they want  democracy.

Furthermore, some of these young people, were denied scholarships by this regime, they are struggling with no jobs, those who were ‘lucky’ to secure employment are struggling with basic necessities of life because of low salaries.

Every time these citizens protest, demanding democratic reforms and or a better life for all, Mswati allegedly unleashes soldiers to kill them. 

In conclusion, it is important to state that this country will never be stable through the shooting and killing of civilians, if Mswati is interested in politics under the coming new democratic government, he must form a political party and stand for elections.

As the situation stands, he remains a dictator who is using weapons of war against unarmed civilians to hold on to power.

Who elected King Mswati as Head of State?
King Mswati