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Mswati, a disgraceful dictator who incites violence against the people.

Sunday, 9th January, 2022

“A disgraceful dictator who has fallen out of favour with the people and resorted to violence to induce loyalty”.

This phrase describes the conduct of King Mswati, a corrupt multi-billionaire who was never elected by the people, never worked anywhere but inherited absolute power and later claimed to own eSwatini and everything within the country.

Mswati stood before a group of his gullible regiments strategically dominated by members of the security forces and declared war against innocent citizens who are demanding their right to be governed by their democratically elected government.

The disgraceful King arrogantly reminded those who are demanding democratic reforms that everything in the country belonged to him.

Perhaps, let me also remind Mswati that this country belongs to the Swazis and that a ‘low minded’ coward like him will never rule this great Nation forever, soon, we will publish history books about a fallen dictator.

It is worth mentioning that, by his arrogant conduct, Mswati has demonstrated that his thinking capacity does not even qualifies him to be a King, very soon he might find himself begging the pro-democracy leaders for a negotiated political settlement.

The struggle for democracy is now driven by the people themselves and they have demonstrated a huge desire to be freed from the hand of this cruel regime.

This country has about 70% of the population living below the poverty line, graduates are struggling to secure employment, some students are dropping out of the University after the government failed to provide scholarships while a majority of the citizens struggle to afford a decent meal.

The political instability is also affecting businesses and further undermines investor confidence thus thretening the economic stability of this country.

In the midst of these social, economic and political challenges, a Head of State who is expected to provide leadership and direction emerged with an ‘empty’ head and declared that he owns this country.

After disappearing from the public eye to perform his rituals during Incwala, a whole ‘empty’ headed King emerged with no solutions to the challenges facing the country but to speak nonsense.

But it’s just a matter of time, Mswati will eventually fall and when the time comes for him to take his final breathe, this country will not form part of his Estate to be shared among his children because it was never his property.

Mswati, a disgraceful dictator who incites violence against the people.
King Mswati