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Ludzidzini Palace Governor Lusendvo Fakudze sick.

Monday, 10th January, 2022

LOBAMBA: King Mswati’s right-hand man Lusendvo Fakudze, the Ludzidzini Palace Governor is sick.

The Governor confirmed being indisposed when speaking to this Swaziland News, he said he was diabetic.

“I am not at work, ngihlushwa ngulo-shukela(diabetes) mani Zweli”, said  the Governor when responding to this publication  after being contacted to comment on the deployment of security officers to work on Mswati’s fields.

Governor Lusendvo Fakudze, despite his age is widely respected in the media for his professional conduct when dealing with journalists. 

The Governor is known for his ‘skills’ in avoiding questions from journalists in a polite manner particularly when asked to respond on sensitive matters about royalty.

“Awu bengisengakayiva-ke leyo mntfwanami, kunjani utsintse labo labakutjelile sebayiteke(I am not aware of that issue my son, I would suggest that you contact those who gave you the information to comment)”, said the Governor in one of his famous responses when avoiding questions from this publication.

Ludzidzini Palace Governor Lusendvo Fakudze sick.
Ludzidzini Palace Governor Lusendvo Fakudze.