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LETFU SONKHE: Mswati to account for the death of any political activist, threatening speech interpreted for SADC.

Monday, 10th January, 2022

MBABANE: Mandla Hlatswayo, the Chairperson of the Letfu Sonkhe Institute for Strategic Thinking and Development says the threats issued by King Mswati against the Nation including pro-democracy activists were being interpreted for the international community including the Southern African Development Community(SADC).

Letfu Sonkhe is an organization tasked with facilitating the collaboration of political parties, strategic thinkers and the civil society to speak in one voice in advancing the calls for democratic reforms.

Speaking to this Swaziland News in an interview, the Letfu Sonkhe Chairperson said the threats issued by the King when dispersing the regiments were very serious hence they were engaging the international community to understand what these sentiments meant.

“These threats mean the King will account for the death of any political activist and pro-democracy protestors because he has declared war. He even said the country belonged to him and when we fight for democracy, he interprets that as an attack on him,” said the Letfu Sonkhe Chairperson.

King Mswati when dispersing his regiments warned those who were calling for democratic reforms while burning structures that anything that would burn would be interpreted as an attack directed to him as the King.

“Today, I am reminding those calling for democratic reforms that eSwatini and everything within the country belongs to the King. From now onwards, any burning of a structure will be interpreted as an attack on the King”, said the King.

Reacting to the King’s sentiments, Hlatswayo said it was normal for protestors to use other means including vandalizing property if their issues were not addressed and if those in power were not willing to listen to them.

LETFU SONKHE: Mswati to account for the death of any political activist, threatening speech interpreted for SADC.
Mandla Hlatswayo- Letfu Sonkhe Chairperson.