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Eswatini State controlled newspaper ‘unintentionally’ exposes Sibaya hoax, Tinkhundla to continue after dialogue.

Tuesday, 11th January, 2022

MBABANE: The Times of Eswatini whose editor Martin Dlamini works for Mswati as Speech Writer ‘unintentionally’ exposed that the undemocratic Tinkhundla elections would continue after the Sibaya dialogue. 

The publication published an article under the headline suggesting “Gawuzela replacement after dialogue-EBC” where they quoted the Elections Commission confirming that the undemocratic elections to replace removed Siphofaneni Member of Parliament(MP) Mduduzi Magawugawu Simelane would go ahead after the political dialogue.

Worth-noting, the dialogue, if genuine, is expected to discuss the possibilities of ushering the country into a new democratic dispensation, however, the EBC is reported to be preparing for elections whose legitimacy is being challenged by the masses.

Reached for comments, Mduduzi Magawugawu Simelane, the then Siphofaneni MP who was removed by the regime for being critical against Mswati’s government  said it was clear that the regime was plotting to stage-play dialogue.

“When the High Court announced 26, 27 January, 15th, 16th and 17th February and 1, 2, 3 March 2022 as dates for the next appearance for Bacede and Mthandeni on last their appearance,I was convinced that the regime has decided their staged dialogue. Today when I saw the story I saw a further confirmation that this hyped dialogue is tantamount to stage-play as they already know the results.Truly the blood of our fallen people and the cry for democracy and justice for all is falling on deaf ears. We are on our own,we must fight hard as they preempted results before they started the play”, said the now SWALIMO President.

Prince Masitsela, a senior royal family member once mentioned inside Sibaya that members of the public were there to let-off steam(kutihhamula).

“Siyabonga kuyo iNgwenyama kutsi site lapha eSibayeni sitotihhamula(meaning: We are pleased Your Majesty you allow us to come here to let-off steam”, said the senior Prince during one of Sibaya gatherings.

Wandile Dludlu, the Secretary General of the People’s United Democratic Movement(PUDEMO) when speaking to this Swaziland News earlier said Tinkhundla was ever changing to remain the same.

Eswatini State controlled newspaper ‘unintentionally’ exposes Sibaya hoax, Tinkhundla to continue after dialogue.
Times exposes political dialogue hoax.