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King’s interpreter Sihle Dlamini’s first world sentiments amount to ‘political madness’.

Thursday, 13th January, 2022

King Mswati ignored the plight of over 700 000 poor Swazis and donated R91million($6million) just to  boost his political ego and make international headlines.

But subsequent to the heavy criticism, Mswati claimed he received a word from  Angels urging him to donate the said amount, despite the blunder, his loyalists had no alternative but to shout Bayethe!

Now, the sentiments uttered by King’s interpreter Sihle Dlamini who alleged that Swazis are now living in a first world country suggest that the ‘political madness’ within the royal circles is slowly becoming incurable.

At the time when Swazis are struggling with poor roads, damaged bridges, health and an education crisis with the ease of doing business grossly undermined by political instability, Sihle Dlamini ‘travelled’ to the world of imagination and returned with absolute nonsense.

It is becoming clear that the conduct of King Mswati reflects the calibre of people he surrounds himself with, Mswati and Sihle are political clowns and it’s very unfortunate that both of them have influence over our political affairs.

Sihle decided to utter an outright lie saying eSwatini was now a first world country in the spiritual world to justify the vision 2022 that never existed.

It is this tendency of spiritualizing political, social and economic issues that saw King Mswati losing popularity among the people who are expecting government to develop the country with their taxes. 

After being captured by the JC cabal, Mswati started to spiritualize politics, he even donated R 91million to the Global Fund and went on to lie that he was instructed by Angels to do so.

Before being recruited by royalty as the King’s interpreter, Sihle Dlamini was a very well behaved citizen, however, he subsequently became power drunk and was infected with the political madness within the royal circles.

It was an insult to the poor citizens who are struggling to afford a decent meal for the King’s interpreter to tell them they were living in a first world country.

Perhaps Sihle Dlamini, through his imagination drove to Lozitha, Mandvulo Hall and then thought the glitters in that Palace suggest that we are living in a first world country.

 King’s interpreter Sihle Dlamini’s first world sentiments amount to ‘political madness’.
King’s interpreter Sihle Dlamini