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ESWATINI ANTIQUATED ROADS: Where did the billions collected from the citizens as taxes go?.

Sunday, 16th January, 2022

In the midst of a public outcry regarding the poor state of the roads, the only question that demands answers is: where did the billions collected from the people as taxes go?.

It should be noted that when a government neglects its social obligations that include the maintenance of roads, it automatically pushes the citizens into poverty based on following:

Antiquated roads restrict the movement of the people from one place to another to, among others, do business and create job opportunities for other citizens.

Infrastructure development does not only promote the ease of doing business and enhance both domestic and Foreign Direct Investments(FDI) but it also improves the lifestyles of the citizens in that particular country.

Therefore, by failing to maintain the roads, the government is restricting its own citizens from buying BMWs, Mercedes Benz, Volvos and other fancy cars that require well maintained roads.

In fact by neglecting this essential social obligation, this illegitimate government is actually saying “be grounded within your communities and remain poor”.

Indeed, by failing to maintain roads despite collecting billions as taxes, the government is restricting the movement of citizens from their places of residence to work on time, and as a result, there would be less production within the various companies.

It should be noted that the current situation whereby the government has literally neglected its social obligations including the maintenance of roads also undermines the right to access health care in that patients die along the way while trying to reach hospitals.

In this regard, the government is directly or indirectly committing crimes against humanity on the grounds that many taxpayers will die along the poor roads due to an arrogant and corrupt behavior of one man, King Mswati, who collects money from the pockets of the citizens to sustain his lavish lifestyle.

In light of the aforesaid, it is of paramount importance to note that under the current situation, even the right to education is grossly undermined, children are struggling to cross flooding rivers and reach the various schools due to damaged bridges.

It is therefore my recommendation that the citizens must speed-up the removal of this illegitimate government that is accountable to a dictator despite collecting taxes from the people.

ESWATINI ANTIQUATED ROADS: Where did the billions collected from the citizens as taxes go?.
King Mswati