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PRINCESS NCENGENCENGE: No one will ever remove King Mswati.

Saturday, 29th January, 2022

LOZITHA: Princess Ncengencenge has warned those who are plotting to dethrone the King, saying no one will ever remove the absolute Monarch.

Speaking during a prayer service at Mandvulo Hall, Lozitha Palace, the King’s sister said even if Mswati could destroy the country, no one would remove him. The Princess described his brother Mswati as a symbol of light who managed to bring peace and stability after the death of King Sobhuza.

“No one will remove the King from the Throne. Even if he runs this country down,  we shall go down with him”, said the Princess.

When reached for comments,  Lucky Lukhele, the Secretary General of the Swaziland Solidarity Network (SSN) said the people of Swaziland had long indicated that they didn't want to co-exist with the Monarchy. 

"The Princess is in denial, and its normal for people to behave like this when power is slipping away from their hands", said the SSN Secretary General. 

Eswatini is in a midst of a political crisis after King Mswati unleashed his forces to shoot and kill unarmed civilians for merely demanding democratic reforms.

PRINCESS NCENGENCENGE: No one will ever remove King Mswati.
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