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Senate President Lindiwe Dlamini manipulating Military Intelligence Unit for political gain.

Monday, 7th February, 2022

Lindiwe Dlamini, the Senate President told Mswati that they will make sure people who are not loyal to the King do not win elections, she blamed the political tension within the Parliament on those who were not submissive to absolute Monarch.

The Senate President systematically mocked incarcerated pro-democracy MPs when addressing the King during the official opening of Parliament on Friday.

Perhaps, let me first describe the character of Lindiwe Gwebu-Dlamini and how she climbed the political ladder and subsequently emerged a very powerful woman.

Lindiwe was very strategic when she married Sisula Dlamini, the Head of the Army Intelligence Unit.

At some point, soldiers who are my sources within the army complained that Sisula was instructing them to investigate and gather information about loyalists of the system who were Lindiwe's rivals and then pass on the information to his wife.

Lindiwe tried to campaign for Sisula to be appointed as the Army Commander so that through her husband, she could seize control of the army and bully everyone in this country.

The unelected Senate President is a very power hungry and dangerous woman who positions herself with anyone perceived to be powerful including establishing questionable relationships with young boys in the media just to control the country.

One of the ‘boys’ is former Times Sunday journalist Kwazi Masuku of Kwazi Masuku Foundation whom she assisted to defraud the public thousands of Rands promising a Ford Ranger as a prize in a charity competition marred by allegations of corruption.

When I made the first call to Lindiwe questioning her about that competition, she consistently called and invited me to various meetings at her Bethel Court Hotel.

In one of the meetings, the former Housing and Urban Development Minister suggested that I must be very close to her in order to enjoy a good life in the country.

She even mentioned that almost all the Chief Executive Officers(CEOs) within the Municipalities were loyal to her so whatever connections I needed, she would be the gateway.

It is clear that Lindiwe wanted to capture me and destroy my journalism career, I asked myself what was the significance of offering me a good life while about 70% of the population lives in poverty.

Indeed, it is important to state that Lindiwe is not only dangerous to the poor Swazis by virtue of being an arm of the oppressor, but even to other loyalists within the royal circles and the Tinkhundla system.

I was surprised when the Senate President suggested that I must investigate and expose certain politicians, some of whom were her business and political competitors.

Her political ambitions and desire to control everything through her corrupt syndicate made her to believe that she can win all journalists with money and political connections.

After learning that she was struggling to capture and control me in my journalism work, the Senate President addressed Senators in Parliament telling them to avoid talking to me because I am insulting the King.

During our last meeting, Lindiwe instructed her staff at Bethel Court Hotel Ezulwini to prepare meat(uMgcwembe) for me and asked for a Take Away.

On my way back home, kaLaMgabhi Etiyeni, I threw the meat in the bush along the road on suspicion that the food was poisoned.

But I connected the dots that Lindiwe after failing to capture me later warned Senators saying lomfana unebantfu bakhe khona lana ePhalamende ngisho nasemasotjeni(meaning: this boy have allies here in Parliament, even in the army).

The question is, how did she knew I have allies in the army where her husband Sisula Dlamini is the Head of the Intelligence yet she doesn’t work there?

In conclusion, it is important to warn Senate  President Lindiwe Dlamini not to try and make herself more relevant by mocking the incarcerated pro-democracy Members of Parliament(MPs) just to please Mswati.

Female politicians who use their private parts, money, power and everything they have just to hold on to power and control key structures are very dangerous.

Lindiwe can do anything for power and she must explain how she even facilitated a deal worth over a million for the then Times Sunday journalist Kwazi Masuku.

The good thing is that some of her controversial WhatsApp messages were kept safely for future use should the need arise.

We are not interested in Lindiwe’s bedroom issues and how she uses her private part but she shouldn’t use it to manipulate the army, the media for personal gain and support oppression against the people.

We will have a problem when her conduct suggests that the use of her private parts in politics influences decisions or the operations of public institutions.

These are institutions established to serve the public, we cannot be controlled by a corrupt politician like Lindiwe whose moral conduct is highly questionable.

Senate President Lindiwe Dlamini manipulating Military Intelligence Unit for political gain.
Senate President Lindiwe Dlamini.