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EXPOSED: Controversial Prophet Major V ‘defrauds’ bank R1million, secretly hides monies in various accounts.

Tuesday, 8th February, 2022

MBABANE: Vusumuzi Dlamini, popularly known as Prophet Major V allegedly defrauded the Swaziland Building Society(SBS)about R1million and subsequently transferred the monies to various accounts within the First National Bank(FNB) and Standard Bank.

As a result, the Building Society had to rush to court on Tuesday seeking an order interdicting FNB and Standard Bank from allowing Dlamini to withdraw the monies held in their banks on behalf of the controversial Prophet.

Court documents in our possession reveal that on or around 04 February 2022, an amount of R950,000.00 was erroneously credited to the controversial Prophet ‘s account held at the Building Society and when asked by bank officials during an investigation, he allegedly claimed the money was deposited by a drug dealer.

“Following the above, the Applicant concluded subsequent to the forensic examination has established that there was neither any bank transfer nor any cash deposit for the sum of E900,500-00 and consequently it’s preliminary conclusion is that the first Respondent’s(Major V)account was erroneously credited with this amount and hence the funds do not belong to the first Respondent”, read the court papers filed by the Eswatini Building Society Managing Director Mbali Sibanyoni.

The Eswatini Building Society wants the court to order both Standard Bank and the First National Bank to freeze Dlamini’s bank accounts and that he should not be allowed to make any further withdrawals.

It has been disclosed through the court documents that within four days, the controversial Prophet had withdrawn over R100,000.00 and the Building Society started noticing how he managed to have such large amounts of money in his account yet he had earlier deposited only five hundred(R500.00) into his account.

The Eswatini Building Society is represented by Robison Bertram, a law-firm based in Mbabane.

EXPOSED: Controversial Prophet Major V ‘defrauds’ bank R1million, secretly hides monies in various accounts.
Controversial Prophet Major V.