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CALLS FOR DEMOCRACY: The State of denial.

Tuesday, 15th February, 2022

It is disturbing to note that King Mswati, upon conclusion of his Incwala, opted to announce dates for the Buganu ceremony while disregarding the ongoing calls for democratic reforms.

Democracy is a system of governance endorsed by the people through their votes, this is what the people have been demanding from Mswati who responded by shooting and killing civilians.

But the decision to renege or delay a political dialogue that seeks to usher this country into a new democratic dispensation demonstrates how Mswati undermines the will of the people.

It should be noted that even though the King promised to participate in a political dialogue with those calling for democratic reforms, he subsequently showed SADC Troika a middle finger by continuing to unleash his security forces on unarmed civilians.

As a result, Mswati and his royal family opted to prioritize the Buganu ceremony over the dialogue because  he doesn\'t take Swazis seriously.

But the consistent denials with regards to the political situation are slowly destroying this country, serious investors will never consider establishing businesses in a country where a political conflict might erupt.

In light of the aforementioned, it  is therefore important to state that even if Swazis can temporarily halt protests, the political tension in this country is not conducive for both social and economic development.

It is cowardice of the highest order for King Mswati to unleash soldiers and the police on unarmed civilians hoping to rule this country through the barrel of a gun, this current generation is slowly overcoming fear and is determined to taste democracy. 

Therefore, Mswati, despite his efforts to defend dictatorship, will eventually fall.

 CALLS FOR DEMOCRACY: The State of denial.
King Mswati