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A Judiciary controlled by a mafia defies its own orders.

Thursday, 17th February, 2022

Judge Doris Tshabalala ordered the Registrar of the Supreme Court including Chief Justice Bheki Maphalala to enroll the bail appeal application of the pro-democracy Members of Parliament(MPs) in the first session of the Supreme Court in January 2022.

But Chief Justice Bheki Maphalala and the Supreme Court Registrar defied the court order, appealed the judgement as a delaying tactic and subsequently enrolled the bail appeal to April 2022.

As the situation stands, MP Bacede Mabuza and Mthandeni Dube are on trial, what’s the significance of enrolling their bail appeal in April 2022 because there are possibilities that by that time, the trial would be coming to an end.

It is now clear even in the eyes of the illiterate that the judiciary is actually an arm of the oppressor and Chief Justice Bheki Maphalala manipulates the law with impunity.

How can a Chief Justice defy a court order and then expect the ordinary citizens to respect judgements of the courts?.

The desperation by the regime to ensure that MP Bacede Mabuza and Mthandeni Dube are kept behind bars is exposing how the corrupt syndicate within the judiciary manipulates the law to protect Mswati.

It was a travesty of justice in the first place that accused persons had to approach the court for an order to force the Supreme Court Registrar and the Chief Justice to execute their administrative duties.

Even though appealing is part of human rights, Chief Justice Bheki Maphalala opted to undermine the administration of justice and deny the MPs their right to appeal thus exposing the fact that his legal mind was long castrated.

The CJ must monitor the political climate in the country, as the calls for democratic reforms intensify, he must just resign.

Alternatively, the coming new democratic must remove and send him straight to prison for the alleged corrupt judgements that contributed to the crimes against humanity and gross violation of human rights.

A Judiciary controlled by a mafia defies its own orders.
Chief Justice Bheki Maphalala