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Editor sends tribute to the late Natural Resources Minister Peter Bhembe.

Monday, 21st February, 2022

I am personally writing this tribute to the late Natural Resources Minister Peter Bhembe.

Even though I am critical against the current system of governance, there are people within the system who contributed to what I am today and one of them is Natural Resources Peter Bhembe.

As the Managing Director at the Swaziland Water Services Corporation(SWSC), Peter Bhembe together with his Management facilitated an investigation contract for Zwemart to investigate corruption within that public enterprise.

It was a great honour for me to be trusted by the SWSC Management and the Director who later became a Minister and was eager to see a young man growing regardless of his political beliefs.

Peter Bhembe never penalized me for being critical against the King, he was one of the trusted allies of Mswati but his dealings with Zwemart were purely professional and meant to investigate corruption within the Water Services.

I cannot claim Peter Bhembe was an angel, others might know his bad side particularly because he was part of a regime that oppresses the citizens.

But he was one of the few Tinkhundla loyalists who were able to separate politics and administrative duties and as mentioned, he contributed to what I am today.

Even though Bhembe was a Minister in the Tinkhundla Cabinet, his mind was purely progressive.

My wish is to see a society where leaders would behave like Bhembe and regardless of political affiliation and beliefs, provide equal opportunities for the youth and all citizens to grow and be financially stable.

It’s a pity that we are unable to share success and positive stories about some of the leaders within the Tinkhundla system until they die because the regime might persecute them just for being linked to Zwemart.

Condolences to his family, friends, church and the entire Cabinet.

Editor sends tribute to the late Natural Resources Minister Peter Bhembe.
The late Minister Peter Bhembe