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BUGANU: Don’t address the Nation while drunk Your Majesty!

Sunday, 20th March, 2022

It is very disturbing to note that King Mswati always speaks ‘nonsense’ when addressing the Nation, it’s even worse when he addresses the Nation during the Buganu ceremony.
Mswati urged Swazis to teach their children to be humble and work hard in order for the country to attain first world status, he then said women who prepared Buganu traditional beer were a good example of a first world status.
It should be noted that based on the sentiments uttered by the King and the environment he was in when addressing the Nation, perhaps, one can conclude that he was drunk.
Therefore,we have a reason to be worried if an alleged ‘drunkand’ King, a whole Head of State can summon women for a drinking spree only to speak nonsense.
Eswatini has about 70% of the population living below the poverty line and Mswati contributed to the suffering of the people by grabbing almost everything in this country for himself.
Perhaps, let me remind the King that the basic principle of drinking alcohol is “drink responsibly” and this was done to prevent abuse of alcohol and that those who consume it must remain responsible citizens.
As a country,we have a reason to be worried if a King prioritize the drinking of alcohol in the midst of the social, economic and political challenges affecting this country. Swazis are eagerly waiting for a political dialogue, and we are surprised that Mswati is busy with alcohol.
Your Majesty, drinking alcohol is a choice particularly for persons above eighteen(18) years, but if it happens you decide to take alcohol, don’t address the Nation while drunk, we are tired of listening to your ‘nonsense’.
Sive siyahlonishwa wena wekunene, awukhulumi nesive uma unatse emakwebevu.
BUGANU: Don’t address the Nation while drunk Your Majesty!
King Mswati during Buganu ceremony.