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No serious investor will ever consider eSwatini amid a looming civil war.

Thursday, 24th March, 2022

Perhaps, Mswati by virtue of being a ‘low minded’ King doesn’t understand that the political instability in this country might manifest into a civil war, in the process, it undermines investor confidence.

The pictures and videos of assaulted civilians and burnt properties are enough to analyse how the political and investment climate in this country will look like in the next coming years.

Political stability is one of the factors that promote Foreign Direct Investment(FDI) and therefore, the current situation where Swazis are being killed allegedly, by Mswati might manifest into a civil war and discourage investors.

It should be noted that police and soldiers are not producing anything that might be exported to other countries to boost the economy, the civilians who are being brutalized and killed are the ones working in factories and other companies to generate taxes used to pay salaries for these security officers.

But because Mswati’s thinking capacity is very low, he doesn’t understand what the pictures of armed police officers and soldiers mean to the social and economic stability of this country.

The weapons of war used by King Mswati against the unarmed civilians will one day be turned against him because his regime is collapsing and eventually, it will struggle to pay salaries even for the security officers as the political unrest intensifies.

It’s almost a year now since eSwatini experienced a political unrest and Mswati has been struggling to restore peace through the barrel of a gun.

In his low thinking capacity, King Mswati believes he can plant a culture of violence in the minds of the Swazis and then harvest peace.

In the light of the aforementioned, it is my observation that the King seems not to understand the intersection between politics and the economy and how a political conflict regardless of its magnitude, impacts the social and economic stability of any country.

Economically, a mere picture of armed soldiers and the police on the streets is enough to send a message to investors that political chaos is looming in that particular country.

It is therefore of paramount importance to emphasize that as the situation stands, even Mswati’s pockets are being affected by this political unrest because while the Swazis were silent, blinded by the State controlled media, Mswati was able to defraud investors promising them projects in this country.

Now, the Eswatini Investment Promotion Authority(EIPA) has been literally rendered useless by the political unrest.

The Republic of China on Taiwan that is busy funding Mswati’s regime to kill civilians will soon dump him and focus on their domestic political issues as China might invade Taiwan and reclaim it as its province. 

Therefore, Mswati must know that once China invades Taiwan, that province will dump him and focus on its domestic affairs, he will be left here alone facing the civilians he is busy brutalizing.

I am sharing these analyses so that Mswati can know that we are aware that he will eventually fall because some of us as editors, we speak to diplomats.

We know that even though Taiwan colludes with Mswati to kill unarmed civilians, the time will come when that province will be desperately seeking global support to defend itself.

Indeed, there will come a time when the global politics will make it difficult for Mswati to survive because he is relying heavily on Taiwan for donations while stealing taxpayers money.

In conclusion, let me warn investors to at least wait for a democratic Government before investing their money in eSwatini, this country is currently ruled by a clown who doesn’t understand what his decision to kill the people mean to the investors.

Mswati is busy instilling anger among the people who later retaliate by burning properties and this, I would suggest, undermines both domestic and Foreign Direct Investments(FDIs).

No serious investor will ever consider eSwatini amid a looming civil war.
A truck burnt at Luyengo on Thursday.