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Eswatini,a country ‘colonized’ by China’s Taiwan province.

Thursday, 24th March, 2022

The Republic of China on Taiwan has literally colonized eSwatini and this Chinese province has been providing  weapons and or military equipment to King Mswati to kill innocent unarmed civilians.

Taiwan supplied King Mswati with helicopters that were subsequently used in the shooting and killing of civilians.

It didn’t end there, this China’s province is currently training King Mswati’s army and the State intelligence unit.

Now, Swazis are being killed merely for demanding democratic reforms, we hope the People’s Republic of China(PRC) will speed-up the process of reclaiming Taiwan, eSwatini is a Sovereign State and a member of the United Nation(UN), we cannot be colonized by a province.

It should be noted that the People’s Republic of China(PRC)has been threatening to invade Taiwan and reclaim it, that invasion will work to the advantage of the oppressed Swazis because Taiwan will focus on its domestic affairs instead of colluding with Mswati to kill innocent civilians.

Swazis are paying taxes in this country and Mswati is laundering public funds to Taiwanese banks, only for Taiwan to come back and pretend to be a donor here, why are we made beggars in our country while we are heavily taxed?

The Taiwanese Government must explain what was the purpose of donating helicopters to the army that were subsequently used to kill innocent civilians during the political unrest last year?

China has a legal obligation in terms of international law to intervene and investigate this matter involving its Province because the United Nations recognizes only one China.

As mentioned in my previous articles,even the UN Security Council has a legal obligation to act on this matter not only on democratic principles but in line with the UN Resolution 2758 of 1971 that endorsed the One-China principle. 

Swazis are being oppressed by Mswati who is supported by a Chinese province, if the UN allows Taiwan to supply weapons to Mswati what would be the reaction of the international community if the People’s Republic of China(PRC) could start supplying weapons to the pro-democracy organizations?

Taiwan is a serious problem in this country and the UN must not allow a province of another country to dominate the political affairs of a member State just to protect a dictator.

As the situation stands,we will be forced to support or call upon China to speed-up the process of invading the Taiwan province and reclaim it so that Swazis can enjoy freedom.

Perhaps, once China invades Taiwan, the so called diplomats of this province will fly out of this country to focus on Taiwan domestic affairs.

Swazis deserve freedom and the UN must resolve this political crisis as a matter of urgency.

Eswatini,a country ‘colonized’ by China’s Taiwan province.
King Mswati received helicopters from Taiwan.