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Saturday, 26th March, 2022

The Swaziland International Solidarity Forces (SISF) has learnt with absolute shock and anger that there are some people who have opened a bank account(s)collecting money from the democracy aspiring citizen and friends of the noble Swazi struggle, under the pretext of channelling those funds to the activities of SISF.

We categorically state that SISF has NO BANK ACCOUNT nor has it authorised any person or persons to collect money on their behalf. We have never received any funding from anyone who is operating a bank account. 

The is no gain saying in stating the fact that in order for the work of SISF to be more impactful and effective  we urgently require resources but we are totally against the thuggery that perpetuated in our name.

We therefore appeal to any peace loving and democracy aspiring citizen, both in Swaziland and diaspora, who may have fallen victim to these thieving scheme to alert the Editor of Swaziland news. The Editor of Swaziland News will provide those details to us and we promise to swiftly act to bring such actions to an immediate end.

SISF remains committed to ending corruption, impunity and oppression of our people by Mswati and any other rogue elements within and without the ranks of the progressive forces. 

For those wishing to contribute, in whatever way, to the activities of SISF, they should alert the Editor of Swaziland News who has contact of the Commander. 

Issued by the Spokesperson 

For and on behalf of the Commander of SISF

Date: 25 March 2022

A protest at Msunduza.