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Friday, 1st April, 2022

The Politburo of the Swaziland International Solidarity Forces (SISF) at its strategy session on 30 March 2022 deliberated on, amongst others, the most recent Public Statement issued by the Prime Minister, Cleopas Dlamini. 

This Statement is wholly rejected. It is a childish Statement meant to threaten and intimidate the mass democratic movement in Swaziland. What is immediately clear from a proper reading of the Statement is that it is very patronising and overtly condescending. The autocratic King Mswati III and his murderous regime are in no position to dictate to emaSwati how they should wage their struggle for liberation.

Accordingly, the SISF is unperturbed by this hollow and nonsensical Statement from this compromised Prime Minister. It is for this reason that the SISF will steadfastly continue on its path of contributing to the democratic revolution in Swaziland and to inspire hope in the mass democratic movement. The King declared in July 2021 and January of this year that everything in Swaziland belongs to him and that any further attacks will constitute a “direct attack” against him. The SISF agrees with him that the attacks launched thus far were indeed attacks against him. These coordinated and systematic attacks will continue unabated. The operations are, amongst others, motivated by the June 29 Massacre, the illegal indictments against the 3 MPs, the continued unprovoked attacks by the Police/OSSU against pro-democracy protesters, the harassment of pro-democracy MPs in Parliament by the House Speaker and his Mangololo-type MPs and the continued criminalisation of political gatherings, political speech, peaceful protests and political formations.

The SISF has noted and is encouraged by how well its operations have been received by a broader spectrum of emaSwati who have come to realise that the time for the Tinkhundla System and the Absolute Monarchy is up. EmaSwati are calling for the opening up of the political space, which will result in multi-party democracy and the removal of the parasitic Swati Monarchy from national coffers and politics. In the same vein, the SISF welcomes the support it receives from reputable business players in Swaziland and call on more business people to do likewise. The safety of all businesses whose owners have not heeded the call to materially support the mass democratic movement is not guaranteed. The SISF also thanks top and low ranking police and army officers within Swaziland who continue to support its activities in a variety of ways. The same gratitude is also extended to some senior members of the Royal Family who provide practical support to SISF. Through the support received, locally and internationally, the SISF is continuing to bolster its forces (including its network of informers), stocks of arms and ammunition, as well as its intelligence and operational capability. Therefore, the SISF will scale up its operations until the following happens;

1. A mediated dialogue (NOT AT SIBAYA) between the King and/ or his proxies, the current Government and the political leaders of the mass democratic movement (as represented through the Political Parties Assembly (PPA), the Multi Stakeholder Forum (MSF), pro-democracy MPs and formations in the diaspora – which will result in a transitional Government which will prepare for multi-party democratic elections;

2. A negotiated settlement on the future of the Monarchy and/or its configuration;

3. Unconditional return from exile of MP Simelane and his unconditional return to


4. Withdrawal of charges against the 3 MPs and other political prisoners;

5. A sincere apology from the King to the families of the victims of the June 29 massacre;

6. Establishment of a Judicial Commission of Inquiry into the killing and injury of innocent

protesters from May 2021 to date;

7. Unconditional release from prison of MPs Bacede Mabuza and Mthandeni Dube;

8. Ceasation of hostilities by the Police/ OSSU against protesters, pro-democracy

activists, political gatherings and the MPs’ supporters;

The SISF calls on owners of all entertainment establishments to cease and desist from hosting live entertainment events during this period of armed insurgency and democratic revolution. This they should do in recognition of the sensitivity of this stage of the revolution and in solidarity with the arrested MPs and political activists. This is a direct Order. Only religious events are exempt from this Order. The SISF has completed its intelligence collection relating to these entertainment establishments, their owners and sources of funding.Therefore, any deviation from this Order will result in direct and/or asymmetric action against these entertainment venues or their owners or both. Equally, international artists are warned against attending any live events in Swaziland, until further notice. Should they not comply, the SISF will follow them into their countries of origin to punish them for non-compliance.

The Swazi Government must understand that Swaziland will NEVER return to its pre-June 29 (2021) state.It is inconceivable that this will ever happen. Therefore, we urge the King and the current Government to recalibrate their thinking and perspective and begin to see a future where Swaziland is governed in line with universally accepted democratic norms. The SISF and other individual actors and groups inspired by it will ensure that Swaziland remains ungovernable until such time that the country is steered towards a democratic course. All protagonists of King Mswati’s criminal regime are legitimate targets . Batobhala “HALLELUJAH”. 

Timphaka tingafika noma kunini. The SISF is also keenly monitoring the activities and rulings of Mswati’s judges and they (including their families) are warned that they are by no means out of reach. We already know those who have sold their souls to Ludzidzini and those who remain determined to do the right thing – intelligence collection in this regard is in full swing. We urge them to choose hope over fear, the future over the past, justice over injustice, the people over Makhosetive.

Lastly, the despotic King Mswati III (and his murderous regime) are reminded of the fate that befell despots like him. In particular, the King and his regime are implored to study the demise of the following brutal dictators like him: The Shar Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (Iran), Emperor Haile Selassie (Ethiopia), Idi Amin Dada (Uganda), Saddam Hussein (Iraq), Mobutu Sesseko (Zaire), Jean Bedel Bokassa (Central African Republic), Zine El Abidine Ben Ali (Tunisia),

Omar Al Bashir (Sudan) and others of the same ilk. ALUTA CONTINUA !!

The Solidarity Forces has attacked and burned various structures in response to the ongoing killing of civilians.