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Solidarity Forces demand MP Magawugawu’s return to Parliament, dialogue with PPA, MSF.

Saturday, 2nd April, 2022

MBABANE: The SISF is demanding the immediate reinstatement of Member of Parliament(MP) Mduduzi Magawugawu Simelane and the release of incarcerated pro-democracy MPs Bacede Mabuza and Mathandeni Dube.

SISF stands for Swaziland International Solidarity Forces, a military wing of the struggle currently speeding-up the demand for democratic reforms after King Mswati banned the delivery of petitions and subsequently unleashed soldiers and the police to kill innocent civilians.

In a public statement sent to this Swaziland News on Thursday, the Spokesperson of the Solidarity Forces said the demand for the reinstatement of the MP and the release of the incarcerated MPs should be addressed before the commencement of any political dialogue.

MP Mduduzi Simelane(now SWALIMO President) who was leading the calls for democratic reforms in Parliament together with Hosea MP Bacede Mabuza and Mthandeni Dube from Ngwempisi was removed as a legislator, his colleagues were thrown behind bars as per an order allegedly issued by King Mswati.

Now, the SISF said through the support they received locally and internationally, they were able to boost their ongoing operations.

“Through the support received, locally and internationally, the SISF is continuing to bolster its forces (including its network of informers), stocks of arms and ammunition, as well as its intelligence and operational capability. Therefore, the SISF will scale up its operations until the following happens.A mediated dialogue (NOT AT SIBAYA) between the King and/ or his proxies, the current Government and the political leaders of the mass democratic movement (as represented through the Political Parties Assembly (PPA), the Multi Stakeholder Forum (MSF), pro-democracy MPs and formations in the diaspora – which will result in a transitional Government which will prepare for multi-party democratic elections.A negotiated settlement on the future of the Monarchy and/or its configuration.Unconditional return from exile of MP Simelane and his unconditional return to

Parliament.Withdrawal of charges against the 3 MPs and other political prisoners,” reads the statement in part.

Thabile Mdluli, the Deputy Government Spokesperson had not responded at the time of compiling this report.

On another note, the Solidarity Forces warned against the ongoing persecution and harassment of all pro-democracy MPs by Speaker Petros Mavimbela inside Parliament.

Solidarity Forces demand MP Magawugawu’s return to Parliament, dialogue with PPA, MSF.
SWALIMO President Mduduzi Magawugawu Simelane.