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Prince Sicalo’s bombing exposes the weakness of eSwatini State security.

Monday, 4th April, 2022

Everytime King Mswati hosts a gathering, he summons almost all the soldiers and police officers and subsequently orders the State controlled media to publish pictures with intent to fool the world that he enjoyed a huge following in the country.

But in the process, Mswati compromises the State security including that of his children.

As a result, on Sunday members of the Swaziland International Solidarity Forces(SISF)petrol bombed Defense Principal Secretary Prince Sicalo’s home while soldiers and the police were busy drinking traditional alcohol(Buganu) and bonking married women at Hlane Royal Residence.

It is clear that the members of the Solidarity Forces, through their intelligence department, knew that while Mswati drank alcohol with his security forces, the whole country would be without security.

For these reasons, they managed to bomb Prince Sicalo’s home and invade Mpaka Police Camp in one night.

Now, it is clear that once King Mswati calls his Sibaya  political ‘comedy’,almost all the police officers and soldiers will assembly at Ludzidzini Palace to enhance the crowd and it’s possible that on that particular day, the King might learn a lesson that Swazis are not fools.

The King who has been violating and disregarding the Constitution that he manipulated to place him above the law, is now vigorously urging Swazis to attend Sibaya at Ludzidzini Palace.

When diplomats arrive in the country, Mswati normally meet them at the glittering Mandvulo Hall, but because he regard Swazis as dagga smokers, he reduce them to cows who deserve to discuss such serious political issues at the Cattle-bye.

The Constitution promotes the right to life, protects citizens against torture but Mswati is violating it by unleashing the security forces to kill civilians, in the process, he insists on Sibaya for a political dialogue as per the Constitution just because he wants to manipulate the transitional process.

Mswati doesn’t enjoy any political support in this country, issuing an order to Government officials, public companies employees and the security forces to attend the Buganu ceremony and subsequently claim to have political support is cowardice of the highest order.

Soldiers and the police are enjoying salaries funded with public funds but Mswati has turned them into zombies, sometimes they are told to wear  traditional attires to boost a crowd at Sibaya.

It’s a pity that the fake political support alleged to be enjoyed by King Mswati is centred around the abuse of public resources, people are transported to these events with Government trucks, the human resource being members of the security forces whose salaries are paid with public funds. 

This means without these resources, Mswati could address an empty Sibaya and be embarrassed, I hope businesspeople whose taxes are funding this regime are being capacitated on this paragraph, regarding the measures that need to be considered to collapse King Mswati’s regime.

Indeed, the King grabs money from our pockets through taxes and then use it to oppress us, if he is sure that the people love him, why don’t he allow them to use their own money and travel to Ludzidzini Palace?.

Whenever the King hosts an event including his birthday, the whole country would be without security because almost all the members of the security forces would be all over the roads providing security to him and his royal family.

Others would be ordered to wear Smohlwana to enhance the crowd and shout “Bayethe” on top of their voices just to mislead the world that Mswati is popular.

This political tendency by Mswati to assembly a crowd and fake political support will now backfire because whenever he orders security officers to his events, the whole country would be without security and the Solidarity Forces might prove to him that he is now vulnerable.

In light of the aforementioned and with the emergence of the Solidarity Forces, Mswati will now choose between ordering soldiers and the police to enhance his crowd during events or provide security to this country he considers his farm.

Should Mswati decide to enhance his crowd and leave this country without security, aggrieved Swazis whose relatives were killed by soldiers and the police during the political unrest are likely to bomb structures particularly those linked to royalty.

Again, should the King decide to host an event while deploying soldiers and the police to guard structures, he is likely to address an empty Sibaya and be embarrassed.

The political climate is fast changing Your Majesty and the political temperatures are likely to reach the boiling point. It’s time to hand over power to the people.

Prince Sicalo’s bombing exposes the weakness of eSwatini State security.
Prince Sicalo’s was bombed in the early hours on Sunday